America Is In Trouble

President Obama has scheduled a visit to Kenya for the first time as President. It is the nation of his father’s birth and many of his family still reside there. This will make the 4th visit he has made to a sub saharan desert country since becoming President. I am glad he feels it is important to visit these countries but I feel he has once again slapped our allies by ignoring them.

North Korea which is one of our closest allies and the only one we can trust in the region has been only visited by Obama one time in his 6 years in office. Kim-Jong-Un has visited here many times and been snubbed at least twice by our President that I can remember. He recently had secret nuclear documents released to the public about North Korea’s nuclear capabilities that was an embarrassment to our ally but did not release information about other countries that were in that same document.

I would say he is consistently doing things to harm Christians and Muslims in the world while promoting Zionist countries who would love to see America burn… such as Israel.

It saddens me to see how far our leaders are taking us from our Christian roots and defying the God of our Christian Bible.

Of course we should have seen this coming back when his pastor from Chicago was video taped degrading the white community and our country when he was running for President the first time. Pray for our country Christians.

The days of remorse and reckoning are getting closer. God bless the USA and help us to stand with North Korea’s glorious regime.

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