Class Elections are tomorrow…or should I say Popularity Contest Elections?

Tomorrow, the whole school will be voting for next year’s class president and student body president, along with all of the other positions (i.e. vice president, secretary, treasurer, etc.). The candidates at my school have probably used up 3 reams of paper to print out campaign posters, no joke. Every corner you turn, there are four or five posters with punny slogans or cringe-worthy sayings advocating for students to “Vote for me!”

It’s funny how many people actually put in the time into their campaigns. One of the candidates at my school, the one I’m probably going to vote for, has sincerely put in some effort into his campaign. Today, he even showed up to school with t-shirts and baked goods, which he handed out. Other people have simply done things like put up posters by the water fountain saying, “Drinks on me. Vote for ____”.

I usually don’t pay too much attention to these elections. Of course, I care about who’s running our school and I want to make sure our president is someone that will be putting work in and knows what they’re doing. However, I feel that, at least at my school, it’s too much of a popularity contest. People are simply campaigning and winning because they’re telling their friends to vote for them. Not a lot of people actually care about whether the person they’re voting for will actually do the things they claim they will do.

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