Failure to Plan

I read a couple of bubbles by my friend Stowyk and I had to talk about the other roommate. I also call her “D” on here.

So, I was cooking dinner when D called me this evening.

Actually, I made iced tea, lunch, supper and dessert today. The roomie did finish the iced tea and took supper out of the oven, but I did all the rest.

So, D called me and told me that she needed some medicine picked up at the pharmacy. I told her I was making dinner and couldn’t do it right then.

The roomie asked me who was on the phone and what she wanted. I replied and she then said that D had told her about the medicine 4 days ago, and she had replied that she needed to tell me – then.

D comes home and said that the pharmacy is putting the medicine back after 48 hours now instead of a week. I told her that she should’ve told me when she told the roomie 4 days ago.

“Oh, that’s over 48 hours ago,” she said.

I did not say: YA THINK? but I thought it.


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