Going bananas!

I’ve always loved bananas, even from being a very small child. When I was very little, my mum used to mash a banana up for me with…ooops ….sugar! Lovely treat but perhaps not too healthy, but never mind!

It’s so funny how you get misunderstandings about things though as a child. I thought that you must never eat more than one banana a day.

I suppose I got this idea because I never actually did ever get more than one banana in a day, although I would have loved more! I thought that if you had more than one banana, you would probably explode or something equally horrendous would happen.

Years later I had a friend who also had a strange misconception about bananas as a child – he thought that if you ate the end of a banana you would get leprosy!!!! How weird is that, I wonder where he got that idea from!


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