I asked My Son NOT To See 50 Shades of Grey!

My son and his girlfriend are going to the movies tonight. We were talking about which movies were playing. He is 19 and she is 18. When we got to the title of 50 shades of gray, I said, I hope they were not going to see that. He said they weren’t but asked me why I said that. Yes, I am a Christian and no, I did not say that because of my faith.

I think when you are young and planning a life together, you have to be careful what you expose yourself to. I think you deal with things, but you don’t look for things to deal with. Love and sex between young people is like anything else. It has to be cultivated. You lay your foundation of respect and caring.

You use your heart, mind and soul to express and not to impress. You are mapping your future together. I think seeing things like 50 shades, only complicates the issues. Of course it is designed to arouse. and I am sure it does. It is designed to spark the fantasy and I am sure it does. But in a relationship. Especially a relationship with young adults, there is already enough arousal and fantasy. Better to work on reality.

I know we live in an anything goes society. And then we wonder why men no longer defend and protect women. We wonder why men don’t know how to treat women. I think it is because we don’t train them to be men. We don’t teach them to respect love itself. As with anything else…garbage in, garbage out.

Thank you so much for your wise guidance to your young people! 50 Shades is victim porn, and when the people who work with abused women are seriously concerned about this movie, and the actors hate acting it, hope no one will see it, and say it has no redeeming value, we certainly need to urge our young people not to expose themselves to this.

Finally,a reasonable argument. I can understand where you are coming from. There is no reason for them to overwhelm themselves. There will be enough time to explore fantasies later if they want to.
While I am not so sure that things like Fifty Shades Of Grey would cause Men to suddenly stop wanting to respect a Woman,I can understand how it may if a young person were to watch it. I do notice that many parents are not teaching their children love and respect anymore and I find that to be very sad,but what else do you expect when we live in a world where children are becoming parents?

3 thoughts on “I asked My Son NOT To See 50 Shades of Grey!

  1. Not only that, but 50 shades is badly-written Twilight fanfic. The message seems to be “do whatever you need to snag a millionaire, then rescue him from his perverted ways”. The BDSM community hates it, too. The main guiding principle they adhere to like glue is that “no means no” – in other words, as soon as one partner isn’t happy with what’s going on, it all stops. Anyone who breaks that rule is declared persona non grata. So not only does it badly misrepresent women in general, it also badly misrepresents the BDSM community (of which Grey himself would not be allowed to be a part).


    • Lol the BDSM community is full of homos… why are you mad, is it because women prefer 50 shades than your leather fags???


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