Living their dreams through their kids

The lights dip slightly as contestant #5 steps onto the stage. Her face is perfectly made up – lipstick, false eyelashes and all.

She is wearing heels with her evening wear and later she will parade in a bikini for the swimwear segment.

She is six years old and is participating in her third pageant in two months.

I can’t help wondering about the mindset of a parent who would put a child of that age in one beauty pageant after another.

Of course these pageants can help to build the child’s confidence, and if she is a winner, she could receive lucrative commercial contracts.

However the negative aspects are too glaring for me to ever consider putting my young child in that sort of spotlight.

I wouldn’t have my six year old parading on stage looking like a mini adult. She could easily be a target for the pedophile who

I am sure would frequent pageants such as those.

It happened years ago, but I still remember the fate of six-year old beauty queen Jon Benet Ramsey. She was found murdered in the basement of her home in Boulder, Colorado. At the time there was a huge outcry against the promotion of these pageants , but nothing came of it.

In fact they have increased in popularity and the industry is now worth billions.

Can it be that parents who put their kids in this sort of spotlight are attempting to live out their own unfulfilled dreams through their children?

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