Meditating With Our Legs

The legs are very important to spiritual awakening. The act of walking can help to silence the mind and connect us to the present moment. Usually, though, we are thinking non-stop as we walk. At first we must consciously stop the thought patterns playing in our mind in order to be present in our walking, but even if we let those thoughts keep playing, eventually, after walking a great distance, they will begin to slow down and fade away.

At the beginning of a twenty or thirty mile walk through the countryside our noggins are thinking at a rapid clip. But the more we walk, the more our legs keep moving, the more our feet touch the earth; the more present we become and the less we think.

With each step we take we can release thoughts down through our legs and feet into the Earth. And with each step we become more in tune with the Earth. We become more aware of all the life around us; of all the sounds and smells. We become intimate with the wind and we notice the birds and insects and animals. And we also become more consciously aware of our breath.

Our walking and breathing become synchronized. Our whole body seems to intensify its own awareness. We can suddenly realize how wondrous it feels to let our legs be in charge instead of our noggins.

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