My Epic Rant

I wasn’t able to get on WordPress this weekend because I was at work most of the weekend. When I got online it was from my Kindle and I can’t get on WordPress from my Kindle, I probably could but I’ve never tried. So here goes my rant.

I’m so frustrated with folks telling me my wedding isn’t ‘traditional’. That it isn’t a ‘normal’ wedding. That it isn’t ‘what they would do’. Now I get that my wedding isn’t even a wedding because it doesn’t fit the norm of all weddings that happen all over the world.

So just because I’m not wearing white, just because my theme isn’t elegance, just because I’m having hamburger and hot dogs and getting married at a lake, means that my wedding isn’t a wedding? What the freaking heck?!?!

My wedding is me. I’m not your normal girl and my fiance isn’t a normal guy. We’re gamers. He’s a geek and I’m a nerd. So we wanted our wedding to evoke who we are, and that is what a wedding should really be.

The bit of us walking down the aisle and saying our vows and being married by a preacher is normal. We have God in our relationship and in our wedding, and isn’t that all the really matters? Rather then worrying that our theme is Video Games and Fantasy, why not be happy that I’m getting married to a man that treats me like a queen?

Instead of nit-picking my wedding, why not be over-joyed that I’m doing my own thing and that I’m happy? I’ve always been the odd-ball of my family, I’m spontaneous. That is why my wedding is the way it is. And those who don’t like it can just not show up. It won’t phase me a bit at this point. I’m sick and tired of hearing that my wedding doesn’t fit your standards. I don’t have to appease your standards, I only have to appease the Lord’s standards.


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