NFL Scandals

Atlanta should probably be glad they only lost a 5th rounder!

Texting on the sidelines, that’s the one that blows my mind! As a GM, you hire the coaches… and then try to text them in the middle of the game to give them suggestions?? The piping in of crowd noise, at least you see how that can help… the texting, wow!

No wonder Kyle Shanahan had a 30 page powerpoint or whatever it was to get out of there!

At one point Cleveland was like 7-4 and getting Josh Gordon back and the toast of the NFL to a certain extent. Compare that to where they are now.

The camera on the pylon thing… That is another Goodell head scratcher. What would it cost to get cameras on each pylon in every stadium… $5 million? $10 million maybe? How much does the NFL make in one commercial break during the Super Bowl??

Sometimes Goodell is just unbelievable…

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