Ocean or Intercostal?

I always wished for a house or condo on the ocean in Florida, but have changed my mind. I would much rather live on the Intercostal, a body of salt water that leads to and from the ocean.

Living on the Intercostal is amazing! We see boats and yachts of all sizes. We can fish from our backyard. People wade during low tide to fish with nets. We can walk on the beach.

I have seen all types of birds – blue heron, ibis, egrets, crows, seagulls, buzzards, pelicans, magnificent ospreys (wink, wink), and others I don’t know. We see ducks, fish, crabs, and manatees.

Sure the ocean is great, but we love our Intercostal.

Can you see our view of the ocean between the two buildings?


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