The Difference Between Halloween and Valentine’s Day

My husband considers Halloween and Valentine’s Day to be pretty much the same. It’s all about buying and giving candy. When I was a kid the day wasn’t about romance or love as much as it was about my parents giving me candy and a red/pink stuffed animal.

If you go to Walmart before V-Day you’ll find isles of red and pink stuffed animals. Then you’ll find another isle of normal candies like Peeps, Reeses, KitKats, lolipops, sugar hearts with messages, etc. As a kid I loved all of those candies.

Valentine’s Day, like so many commercialized holidays is a day all about buying sweets. What stores sell may come in red and pink wrappers but the candy is the same stuff you can get at Halloween and Christmas. There is one big difference though.

As a kid I lived for kid chocolates. I could be happy with a box of Russel Stovers. My adult self cannot. Russel Stovers really isn’t good chocolate. The caramels caramel center is stiff instead of creamy which is a sign of all the preservatives in it. No, my adult self seeks out higher quality chocolates on V-Day. That is the big difference for this girl who could care less about the romance and the love being sold. I’d rather sink my teeth into a nice Ghiradelli Milk Chocolate Caramel or some Dove chocolates.

Halloween you give away candy to strangers so let them eat Tootsie Rolls. V-Day the candy is all mine and I’m hitting the high quality stuff. Today is grown-ups Halloween when higher quality chocolates can be found on sale and I can fill my tummy with some nice Caramello’s imported from the US (have higher quality chocolate than the UK versions).

Thank you husband for all the good quality chocolates so I can get a luxurious chocolate fix.

One thought on “The Difference Between Halloween and Valentine’s Day

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