Under confident

There are a number of talks coming up that I would be interested in going to on the subject of writing, particularly on writing short stories. They’re free and are being given at a venue in town and I’d love to go but am reticent.

It feels too much like putting myself out there, declaring to the world that I fancy myself as a writer, a declaration I’m happy to make to my invisible friends in this big soapy bubble, but what if there’s someone there who knows me? What if someone puts me on the spot an asks if I write short stories?

I don’t suppose I’ll go. I’ll just wait till some anonymous, invisible publisher who doesn’t need to know my name or see my face comes along unannounced and grabs a story out of my brain and makes it a best seller in ten minutes.

If I was skilled in the correct use of the semi colon I might have more confidence.


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