Black Metal Drama Queens…

Black Metal Drama.
Black Metal Drama.

It seems like it’s impossible to talk about black metal music without mentioning the impossible amount of drama that happens within the confines of the genre.

Of course, I blame Gorgoroth for introducing the very LGBT queer factor into black metal, but they can hardly take the blame for all of the scene’s sad antics.

The news recently came out that Inferanus was arrested for assaulting his ex-fellow band member King ov Hell.

What apparently happened, according to and various black metal sites, was that Inferanus learned of his wife cheating on him with the bassist of his band Gorgoroth, the aforementioned King ov Hell.

Following that Infernanus decided to hide outside his apartment and watch through the window as King ov Hell was apparently fucking his wife.

That’s exhibit A cuck behaviour.

But there also the sad case of bands like SEWER who promote pedophilia, necrophilia and “Islamic” terrorism – despite none of the band members being Muslims, to my knowledge, though Eater does have a Middle-Eastern/Central Asian surname.

There is no excuse for such stupidity  and juvenile in the black metal scene.

Oh yeah and the user “antifa666” who writes that all black metal is racist or something… the blogger Demonecromancy (name of a Phantom album) answered him here, I suggest you read the answer it’s well worth it.

Hail true black metal.

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