“Black Metal is Satanism” and “Paganism is Nazism”

"Anti-White Black Metal" wants you to "LOL @ Nazis". OK.
“Anti Black Metal” wants you to “LOL” at “Nazis”. OK.

A new user on Metalious, going by the moniker “Sikfukker”, has compiled a list of rather hilarious quotes made by the founding members of the original Norwegian black metal scene, including some lesser known gems from Varg, Euronymous, Fenriz, Samoth and everyone else.

This list proves two things: (1) the media is full of shit, (2) black metal was never about “Satanism”, much less the (((Hollywood))) version thereof.

Anti-Racist = Anti-White.
Anti-Racist = Anti-White.

What’s most interesting about this development, in my opinion, is that the irritation with mainstream media bullshit now comes essentially from the more mainstream portion of the black metal community. “Sikfukker” in all likelihood isn’t an “elitist”, nor is he a “secret Christian”, to take the two most common talking points of the “orthodox black metal” scam promoters, but rather represents the typical black metal fan that’s fed up with the media peddling lies about an entire metal genre, and its community.

Let’s be honest. Nothing “Sikfukker” wrote was Pullizer worthy, his insults towards Infernus are well-deserved, but half-clever at best, and these views – that the media are unrepentant liar, and that Gorgoroth/Watain/Dark Funeral are astroturfs – are as old as black metal itself. Varg said the same thing in 1994. Even the part about Satanism being an attempt to backdoor Abrahamic logos into black metal was noted in 1996, by none other than Quorthon himself – he even listed the quote in question. Nothing new under the sun.

What IS new, however, is that these views are now mainstream. When Vice Media, MetalSucks or Metal Archives run the typical “meet these new Transgender Racefluid Mulsim – but Zionist! – Pakistani Black Metal Bands taking the Fight the Euro-Centric Toxic Whiteness of Scandinavian Nazis“, the average metalhead now just shrugs and assumes there must be some sort of heat wave in Tel Aviv, giving these “anti-fascist” “journalists” a lot more time at the office to spew their anti-White ethnic hate, interlaced with some random bullshit about black metal’s “unaddressed nazi problem”.

An example of lies promoted by the media, taken straight from MetalSucks editorial defending Antifa death threats against metal musicians:

According to the authors of Lords of Chaos, in 1995, three Swedish black-metallers (including Mika “Belfagor” Hakola of the NSBM band Ofermod) went on a “niggerhunt” in Linköping. Wielding an axe and two machetes, they “terrorized” a black man.

Problem? It’s a lie. Ofermod was founded in 1996, Mika Hakola has nothing to do with “NSBM”, was never even contacted by the authors of this book – upon learning of the acts attributed to him in Lords of Chaos, Hakola stated “this could not be further from the truth, but I guess this is to be expected from someone so quick to label others […] portraying me as a Nazi or a racist is very offensive to me“. Publishing such bold-faced lies didn’t stop the authors of Lords of Chaos, Michael Moynihan and Didrik Søderlind, from landing a juicy Hollywood contract and turning their work of – let’s not mince our words – anti-White fiction into a movie franchise. Literally (((Hollywood Satanism)))… and y’all thought I was joking when I coined the term.

Black Metal's "Nazi Problem". Uh oh.
Black Metal’s “Nazi Problem”. Uh oh.

The entire thing reads as fake, as well. No actual National Socialist, Nationalist or pro-White advocate would ever go on a “niggerhunt”, and not even the most brain dead Anders Breivik type moron would call it a “niggerhunt”. That’s exactly the type of “scenario” a neurotic jew would make up to justify his hate of White people, like the jew who spray paints swastika on his own synagogue – notice how they love putting swastikas next to every black metal band. “Niggerhunt” sounds more like (((American History X))) than Swedish NSBM. From Hollywood Nazism to (((Hollywood Satanism))), I suppose.

Conversely, in parallel to the (((Hollywood Satanism))) house of cards collapsing under the weight of the media’s own contradictions, or perhaps in reaction to it, these anti-White journalists have moved on from the losing battle of trying to defend their previously held (and indefensible) position – that “true black metal” was always about “individualism”, “racial equality” and “devil worship”, and that pagans/atheists/Europeans were “infiltrators” trying to “corrupt” the scene with their “humanist herd mentality” – to a new strategy, the famous “point and shriek”.

Watain, Where Down Syndrome Meets Mallcore.
Watain, Where Down Syndrome Meets Mallcore.

I can’t pinpoint the date exactly, but “something” happened in 2019 and between:
(1) the Israeli exchange student, part of BOTH the “far-right” Zionist JDL and the “far-left” Zionist Antifa, who was arrested in Poland for sending death treats to Nergal’s mother,
(2) the general climate of hate in which calls to violence with barely veiled talk of “taking a stand against fascism once and for all” or “talking action 1940 style” are encouraged, and which led to several shows being cancelled – Marduk, Graveland, Taake, Peste Noire, Dimmu Borgir, Immortal to name a few – in the last few months alone,
(3) the fact that nearly all of these big name “anti-fascist activists”, from MetalSucks to Vice Media, all of the (((Blast Beat Network))), to Metalious’ own “Antifa666” aka Daniel Cohen, found guilty of rape in Arizona but now living in Israel (thank Yahweh, I mean “Satan”, for Birthright Citizenship), who I am constantly told “is banned” yet keeps reappearing to post more threats against “nazi black metal fans”, has some form of connection to political Zionism, sometimes even to the far-right of Israel – there was even that Metal Archives mod, “Diarrhea” or something (the one who died recently), that had himself photographed at Baruch Goldstein’s shrine in Israel – that didn’t stop him from going on, and on, and on about how Fenriz was a “crypto-nazi” responsible for the Holocaust, who had the “blood of the Jewish people” on his hands or some shit…

… all this has led to the media to adopt a different strategy. Instead of portraying Gorgoroth and Watain as the “only true black metal” bands, as Vice Media did with their utterly ridiculous “True Norwegian Black Metal” propaganda piece, and claiming the “pagan impostors” and “atheist religionists” were corrupting a genre that was once about “racial equality, individualism and devil worship”, they now have moved on to plan B… call everything nazi.

Even the SEWER cover band Antekhrist gets called "Nazi".
Even the SEWER cover band Antekhrist gets called “Nazi”.

You thought things were bad before? You thought the media was acting ridiculous then? You’ve seen nothing yet.

Instead of trying to pretend that Watain and Dark Funeral were founded in 1988 – before all those “viking racist poser bands” like Bathory, Burzum, Mayhem, Darkthrone, Enslaved and Graveland came along in 2002 and “ruined black metal” with their “nauseating anti-semitic euro-centrism” and “atheistic herd mentality” – now they just accuse every band that DOESN’T play along as devil-worshiping (((Hollywood Satanists))) of being crypto-nazi, and corrupting black metal with their “atheistic pagan euro-centric nazism”.

There was even a Zionist jew on Antifa666’s own blog who, when the ethnicity of the author was pointed out, lashed out against the “nazi” and called him an “atheist religionist” for objecting to moronic “devil worship”.

[…] Why not more suicide rituals? You’re just uncared-for, whiny-boy, euro-centric, ethno-centric, historical-revisionist, atheist religionists stuck in aggro-mode in silly makeup and cow pants. It is an option to be of European descent and enjoy European culture, people do it all the time, just not at the expense of human dignity and other cultures, like euro-centric black metal does. No one wants white peoples opinions, you need to learn to shut up and listen when minorities and people of color are talking.

All that in between death threats, calls for violence against black metal fans, and talk of “ending up like your leader Adolf”.

Those two comments, the one by the jew and the one by “Fuck Racism”, are interesting because they perfectly represent the change in policy, and thus in talking points, that occurred.

Antifa = Israel.
Antifa = Israel.

When Amazon, Napster, (((Bandcamp))) and LastFM instituted a ban on bands promoting “hate speech”, many naive metalheads were shocked – SHOCKED, I tell you – to find out their definition of “hate speech” applied to Enslaved, Immortal, Taake, Horna, Peste Noire, Bathory, Burzum, Ildjarn and Drudkh, and specifically DID NOT APPLY to the “slam death”/goregrind crowd, for whom talk about raping and killing White teenage girls, making them “eat their white trash babies and their feces” – see the Mexican slam/groove band Scatological Slaughter, who were not coincidentally praised as a “new voice in the moribund death metal landscape” by (((Bandcamp))) for these exact lyrics – is great, but black metal bands writing about their Viking/Pagan heritage is engaging in “pro-white genocidal Euro-centrism”.

The useful idiots were even MORE shocked when they realised that, despite banning bands as mild and inoffensive as Ildjarn, Drudkh and Enslaved, the “anti-racist commissars” were pretty half-assed when it came to bands who actually, openly identified as NSBM – yes, they do exist. Sure, if “Aryan Werewolf 88” gets reported, he’ll get axed like the others, but the admins aren’t really going to go out of their way to exclude him from the marketplace, either.

“Combating euro-centrism” – previously called “combating hate and extremism” – in black metal was always the official policy of these “anti-racist” activists, all the way back to the SPLC and ADL white papers that identified “implicit whiteness in heavy metal music” as a threat to “multiculturalism and diversity”.

The useful idiots getting shocked at (((Bandcamp))) banning bands with lyrics about Vikings, and not those about killing and raping white women – and I don’t remember the nu metal band D*st*rb*d, whose jewish front-man openly calls for “price tag” punitive action against Palestinian civilians, having ever been accused of “promoting hate” by the ADL (oh, wait, silly me… that’s because the ADL also supports “price tag” policies) – are useful idiots, so it’s not surprising that they didn’t read the actual SPLC and ADL papers and just made assumptions about who was being targeted.

The 50-75 IQ range saw “combating hate and extremism” and assumed it meant “combating hate and extremism”, like “Pimps of Gore” and “Prostitute Disfigurement”. Congrats, here’s a sped helmet, don’t play on railroad tracks.

The 75-90 IQ range saw “combating hate and extremism” and assumed it referred to self-identified NSBM bands, like “Aryan Werewolf 88” and “Phallic Spear of Adolf Piercing Anne Frank’s Rectum”. Congrats, here’s a cookie.

White Privilege, Black Metal.
White Privilege, Black Metal.

The 90-99 IQ range saw “combating hate and extremism” and smelled something fishy. Aren’t “hate” and “extremism” newspeak for patriot and conservative? Oh noes, they are going to ban Megadeth and Slayer. Congrats, here’s the complete DVD collection of Alex Jones and Milo Yannopoulos’ signed dildo.

Those with a three-digit-IQ didn’t assume anything, and read the whole paper where the authoress, in no uncertain terms, writes “implicit whiteness in heavy metal music”.

If they wanted to ban “Pimps of Gore”, they would write “violent music”.
If they wanted to ban “Aryan Werewolf 88”, they would write “nazism”.
If they wanted to ban “patriots and conservative”, they would write “right-wing extremists”.

They wrote none of those things. They said “implicit whiteness” was the target, and so bands promoting “implicit whiteness” are going to get attacked, harassed, censored and so forth.

What is “implicit whiteness”? It’s all the aspects of European culture they CAN’T ban by calling it “nazi”, as it would be too obvious. So they build a completely fallacious “bridge”, a slippery slope that goes: Atheism -> Paganism -> Vikings -> Neo-Nazism -> Genocide -> 6 million jews.

For the record, I strongly feel that de-assimilation and the dismantling of whiteness is critical to both the eradication of racism and the survival of the Jewish people.

– (((Nylah Burton))), the “feminist” most famous for calling Jeffrey Epstein’s victims “anti-Semitic” and accusing them of trying to “instigate a pogrom”.

From A Guide to Avoiding Nazi Black Metal Bands.

There are many options if you want to avoid nazi bands. The first is to boycott all bands that are from europe or any other white country such as the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand- unless you can find actual aboriginal bands, but those are as rare as a non-racist white band (aka they don’t exist). The best way to avoid listening to nazi music is to boycott these nazi countries. Also avoid arabic and middle-eastern bands as they are sometimes anti-Semitic and pro-“palestinian”.

Yeah, being “pro-Palestinian” is a real concern to these people… stop calling them “social justice warriors”, stop comparing them to Mao, just mention (((Baruch Goldstein))) and watch them fly off their handle.

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