Wikipedia Goes Full (((Baruch Goldstein))) on Black Metal

Black Metal's "Nazi Problem". Uh oh.
Black Metal’s “Nazi Problem”. Uh oh.

On Wikipedia’s Black Metal page, there is a new draft of the “NSBM” (National Socialist Black Metal) section. It should tell you all you need to know about where the “official narrative” on black metal is going now that they can’t claim Infernus, Erik Danielsson and Ahriman “founded” black metal in 1986, before those racist nazi pagans of Burzum, Mayhem, Darkthrone and Bathory “stole” the genre… in 2002. I think.

This post will deal mostly with the nebulous “NSBM”. The problem is, as you’ll soon see, is that they imply that ALL black metal is NSBM, all while claiming to hold the contradictory position that NSBM bands are a minority within black metal.

In fact, the section opens without even an introduction as to what constitutes “NSBM”, they just tell you straight off the bat that “NSBM” is fringe, but yet somehow everywhere, but it’s also a minority, etc.

Still, is it proper to defame “NSBM”, however vaguely you define it? What if the libel against “NSBM”… wasn’t really against “NSBM”, but against black metal as a whole? Where “NSBM” would only be used as a proxy to attack black metal?

Let’s find out…

NSBM artists are a minority within black metal, according to Mattias Gardell.

Wait, who? Who is Mattias Gardell and why the fuck should I care about him?

From the very first line, Wikipedia’s Zionist Hasbara trolls want you to know two things: (1) NSBM is fringe, and (2) you’ll be seeing a lot of argumentum ab auctoritate… without any actual auctoritate.

They have been rejected or strongly criticized by many prominent black metal musicians – including Jon Nödtveidt, Tormentor, King ov Hell, Infernus, Lord Ahriman, Emperor Magus Caligula, Protector, Erik Danielsson of Watain, and the members of Dark Funeral.


So many prominent black metal musicians!!!! NSBM is REKT!!!!

Wait… they aren’t prominent at all. They aren’t “many” either, seeing as they’re all from the same bands.

Tormentor, King ov Hell, Infernus = Gorgoroth
Ahriman, Caligula = Dark Funeral
Danielsson = Watain
“and the members of Dark Funeral” = also… Dark Funeral…

Gorgoroth, Dark Funeral, Watain. That’s literally the triumvirate of (((Hollywood Satanism))). The exact same clowns everyone has been complaining about since 1994. In the fucking “Until the Light Takes Us” movie, Varg and Fenriz – two ACTUALLY prominent musicians – both call them out BY NAME, and say they aren’t part of the scene, and are only “confirming the false image the media has given us”.

Also, both Tormentor and King ov Hell backpedaled and admitted to doing the anti-White/pro-Satanic thing for shock value. King, in particular, was very explicit in doing so and even trashes Infernus whom he confirmed was/is a police informant.

King: “[Christians] have chosen Jesus as their heroic character. But at the time when he was alive there were lots of other heroic characters who possessed the same abilities.”

Q: “You mean Satan?”

King: “No. The so-called Satanist circle in Bergen was created by a journalist from BT [Bergens Tidende]. I am of course proud of my Nordic heritage, so why would I throw that away to embrace some Middle-Eastern debasement? […] The church is more satanist than we are. They are the ones who are concerned with Satan, not us. They too get a ‘slap on the wrist’ for raping our children, […] the more things change…”

Nödtveidt is the exception, in that he hasn’t played in any of those three bands. He’s also the exception because he has never “criticised NSBM artists”, strongly or otherwise. That’s a lie.

Did I forget someone… It appears I forgot someone, whom did I forget… Oh, of course, Richard Lederer, the man who literally took to Facebook to celebrate “nazi women” getting raped in Rotherham in 2013 – for which he was praised as an “anti-fascist militant” giving the “middle-finger to hate” by (((Vice Media))). He was never recognised as “black metal” – much less prominent – by any members of the Norwegian scene. Considering he can’t even get venues to book him shows in his own homeland of… (Google magic)… Austria, I don’t believe anyone involved in Norwegian black metal know anything about Lederer, and I SINCERELY – though I could be wrong – doubt that Varg, Fenriz, Faust, Ihsahn, Hellhammer, Necrobutcher, Satyr, Abbath or Morgan Håkansson would take kindly to the suggestion that their wives, sisters and daughters be raped as “payback for the Holocaust”.

In August 2014 the Jay report concluded that an estimated 1,400 children, most of them white girls, had been sexually abused in Rotherham between 1997 and 2013 by predominantly Pakistani men. The abuse included gang rape, forcing children to watch rape, dousing them with petrol and threatening to set them on fire, threatening to rape their mothers and younger sisters, and trafficking them to other towns. There were pregnancies — one at age 12 — terminations, miscarriages, babies raised by their mothers, and babies removed, causing further trauma.

Again, I could be wrong, but it doesn’t strike me as something they would be into. “Holocaust” or no “holocaust”. Maybe Infernus?

Taake, a band called "Nazis" by people who support "White Genocide".
Taake, a band called “Nazis” by people who call for “White Genocide”.

Rather, it seems like (((whoever))) wrote this Wikipedia hit piece is attempting two fallacies at once.

(1) portraying the fringe – i.e. the (((Hollywood Satanists))) of Gorgoroth, Watain, Dark Funeral – as prominent, and the prominent – i.e. Varg, Fenriz, Hellhammer, Ihsahn, Abbath, Euronymous – as fringe.

Because, let’s face it, albums like Hvis Lyset Tar Oss, Under a Funeral Moon, In the Nightside Eclipse, De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas, Transilvanian Hunger, Fallen From the Brightest Throne, Pure Holocaust and Filosofem are basically footnotes in black metal history.


The other fallacy is (2) a false dilemna between “NSBM”/”NAZI KKK 6 MILLION” and Lederer/Infernus “Rotherham was great, fuck these fascist women they were probably asking for it anyway” on the other. Now why would Wikipedia endorse such line of thinking, hmmm?

Typically NSBM musicians regard Christianity as a product of an alleged Jewish conspiracy to undermine the Aryan race by eliminating their Artglauben and their “original” culture.

When you say “alleged”, you’re supposed to name the person or persons making the allegations. The fact that he claims “typical” NSBM musicians means there is no person or persons making that allegation, but it is, in fact, his own psychological hang-ups that he is projecting on to the… dare I say “goyim”?

Typically jewish journalists regard Black Metal as a product of an alleged National Socialist conspiracy to undermine the jewish race by eliminating their fake “orthodox” black metal bands and their (((Hollywood Satanist))) culture.

Some black-metallers liken Nazism to Christianity in that it is authoritarian, collectivist, and involves a “herd mentality”.

No. That’s not “some black-metallers” who “liken Nazism to Christianity in that it is authoritarian, collectivist, and involves a herd mentality“. That doesn’t read like something a “black-metaller” would say, it reads as something a neurotic journalist would say a “black-metaller” would say. Occam’s Razzor, it’s a media talking point.

White Privilege, Black Metal.
White Privilege, Black Metal.

“Herd mentality” is Ayn Rand – aka Alissa Zinovievna Rosenbaum, another one who wanted “payback for the Holocaust” – objectivist jargon, are you saying Ihsahn, Euronymous, Fenriz and Abbath are secret Randbots?

And of course, OF COURSE, it’s common knowledge that Norwegians – like all Scandinavians – just hate collectivism, with a passion. Those gun-trotting Scandinavians, try talking to them about collectivism and they’ll start a pogrom in your backyard, oy vey.

So… if true “black-metallers” hate collectivism, how come the “prominent true black-metaller” Richard Lederer holds all White women guilty for an event that happened nearly a century ago? Isn’t that the very definition of collectivism? Or are we supposed to make an exception for anti-White collectivism?

It also conflicts with the misanthropic views of many artists; Benjamin Hedge Olson writes that the shunning of Nazism within the scene “has nothing to do with notions of a ‘universal humanity’ or a rejection of hate” but that Nazism is shunned “because its hatred is too specific and exclusive”.

Wait, wait, wait… Benjamin what? Google returns 2 590 results. I’m sure Chaim will tell us about the “prominent black-metaller” Benjamin Hedge Olson who single-handedly “took up the fight against Nazism” in the name of the “misanthropic views” of Ayn Rand, Richard Lederer, Inferanus the diaper-wearing poser, Baruch Goldstein and many other prominent black metal artists who cannot be named because… the collectivist… and shiet.

Also “misanthropic views of many artists”? Occam’s razor says that’s media marketing, again.

How misanthropic is Infernus anyway, to be a police informant?

While some black-metallers boycott NSBM bands and labels


others draw a line between the music and the musicians, as they only care for the music

Who? Certainly no fan of Dark Funeral “cares for the music” or they wouldn’t be a fan of Dark Funeral.

Some have criticized this as passive support for NSBM

Ok, great. Who?

The bigger print metal magazines tend to ignore records by NSBM bands.

No, it’s actually the opposite. It’s not so much that “NSBM” bands are ignored, it’s that “anti-NSBM bands” – like that of Richard “Rotherham was Payback” Lederer – that are constantly promoted by metal magazines.

And when those who run these metal magazines get “triggered” by uppity goyim bands talking about Vikings and their heritage instead of “Satan” and Hebrew folklore, they don’t just “ignore” them, they send death threats to their family members – see the Israeli exchange student who was arrested in Poland for doing exactly that – and encourage their readers to “bring baseball bats and glass shards” to live concerts.

Also, some non-political Satanic black metal musicians hold pagan bands [sic] in contempt, and do not recognize them as black metal because their lyrics and ideology do not include Satanism.

Aha. The “cockroach in the light” moment.

List of pagan (black metal) bands: Bathory, Burzum, Immortal, Enslaved, Graveland, Emperor, Taake, Carpathian Forest, Marduk, Neraines, Beherit, Gehenna, Satyricon, Mayhem, Dimmu Borgir, Behemoth, Nokturnal Mortum, Ancient, Ulver, Ildjarn, Varathron, Drudkh and Sacramentum.

If you hold these bands in contempt, you hold black metal in contempt because like it or not these “pagan bands” ARE black metal, much more so than Watain’s deathcore-with-distortion.

Or what? Are we supposed to burn our Hvis Lyset Tar Oss and Blood Fire Death CDs and all listen to QUANTOS POSSUNT AD SATANITATEM TRAHUNT and THE WILD HUNT while cheering on Tsahal dropping white phosphorus on Palestinian children and Pakistani gangs raping British children? How “black metal” is that? THEY RODE ON!!!

The “Black Metal is about Satanism” meme is about a decade hold, it was born with the (((Vice Media))) documentary “True Norwegian Black Metal” and was perfected with Antoine Grand’s subsequent revisionism.

The scene members were fiercely anti-Christian and generally presented themselves as misanthropic Devil-worshipers who wanted to spread hatred, sorrow and evil.

Quotes? Because I can find literally dozens of quotes from the “scene members” saying the exact opposite, that “Devil-worship” was a media creation from day one.

Some of Antoine Grand's finest work.
Some of Antoine Grand’s finest work.

Leif A. Lier, who led the police investigation after Euronymous’ death, said he and his men ‘had not met one Satanist’ in the Norwegian black metal scene.

All Norwegian black metal bands are National Socialist […] Satanists are like slaves to their religion, they are like Christians. […] Satanism comes from religious Christianity, and there it shall stay” – Euronymous.

We were about 30 in the black metal scene and not one band worshiped the devil or anything like that” – Satyr.

Satan, the way we relate to the phenomenon, is an all and all out Christian product. Period. So why pick a Christian product up to deliver a kick in the groin of Christianity itself? It makes no sense.” – Quorthon.

Perhaps we are talking about two different scenes. I am talking about black metal, the music of Immortal, Burzum, Darkthrone and Mayhem.

Chaim, on the other hand, refers to bands that play deathcore (Watain), some sort of punk rock with blast beats (Dark Funeral) and MIDI Lord of the Rings soundtracks (Summoning) as black metal, while calling actual black metal bands “NSBM”. The problem is that he publishes his revisionist views not on his personal blog, or Haaretz, or J-Street, but on Wikipedia.

Some NSBM bands also reject black metal musicians and fans for having long hair, which they associate with hippies and left-wingers.

Yes, NSBM bands hate left-wingers, makes sense.

Anti-Racists attack black metal bands.
Anti-Racists attack black metal bands.

But wait, that not even the most retarded… I thought NSBM was bad because they WERE the hippies. Chaim, you walked all over yourself again… I know it’s hard to pretend to be an objective “black-metaller” who’s “concerned about the Nazis” taking over the scene (see, that’s a talking point) when in reality you’re just dying to sperg out “ROTHERHAM WAS PAYBACK – PRICE TAG 4 THE HOLOCAUST!!!!” like your hero Baruch Lederer, but let’s try and stay coherent.

First you claim black metal is about “misanthropic devil-Worship” and opposing collectivism and the “herd mentality” of the “Nazis”, which makes little sense on its own, and even less when you follow up with the opposite.

Is it “true black-metallers” who reject “Nazis” on the grounds of them being “collectivist left-wingers”, or is it “Nazis” who reject “true black-metallers” on the grounds of them being “collectivist left-wingers”?

NSBM bands typically regard White Europeans as superior to other races.

Not after seeing Lord Ahriman’s down syndrome face, I can assure you.

They are concerned with “racial hygiene”, preserving the “purity” of the White race and the traditional cultures of White European nations.

And Chaim is not – AT ALL – concerned with “racial hygiene”, which is why he absolutely DOES NOT live in an ethnonationalist, apartheid state that issues citizenship on the grounds of RACIAL PURITY defined by DNA testing. Naaaah, he doesn’t live “over there”. He’s probably just some Swede, right?

These views are comparable to those in the chapter “Volk und Rasse” in Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

And yet much milder than those of very mainstream rabbis, published in the Jewish Forward, Haaretz and the Times of Israel.


When an 11-year-old Palestinian girl from Nablus was killed by settlers in 1983, in their defense, the chief rabbi of the Sephardic community reportedly cited a Talmudic text justifying killing an enemy on occasions when one may see from a child’s perspective that he or she will grow up to become your enemy. Rabbis have been asked by settler militants to provide rulings to justify acts that are aimed to block peace with, or the return of land to, Palestinians. The theft of Palestinian harvests has been justified by some rabbis. Former chief rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu stated that: “Since the land is the inheritance of the People of Israel, planting on this land by gentiles is planting on land that does not belong to them. If someone puts a tree on my land, both the tree and the fruit it yields belongs to me.” Some rabbinical extremists cite the biblical edict to exterminate the Amalekites to justify both expelling Palestinians from the land and killing Arab civilians in wartime.

Chaim then goes on to hint that (((Antifa))) is justified in taking violent action against “NSBM”, except that he never explains why black metal artists like Satyr, who has nothing to do with National Socialism, were also targeted just as violently by (((Antifa))).

The moderators on Metal Archives were caught red-handed celebrating Satyr’s brain tumour (“payback for the Holocaust”, again?) and encouraged their users to send death threats to his family. It had nothing to do with Hitler, the Third Reich or the “misanthropic values” of true black metal, and everything to do with the interview he gave to Radio Metal in which he defended the rights of Palestinians. “Of course”, the moderators in question have been “demoted” – meaning they were asked to create a new account and wait a few months before getting their mod privileges back.

There was an admin, “Diarrhea”, who was even more explicit. Talk badly about Israel = Nazi = you get doxxed. That’s literally what he wrote.


Metal Archives, home of the “rebels” who dox BDS supporters, Palestinians human rights activists and 9/11 truthers. How courageous.

I still fail to see how there’s anything “misanthropic” or “anti-collectivist” about taking the side of the powerful, every single time. Or are Larry Silverstein and Dick Cheney “oppressed” by the almighty Palestinian lobby?

Chaim then concludes with a bizarre rant about Gaahl being a nazi and “betraying” Infernus for Hitler, and links to a rather hilarious interview by “Rock Hard”, who are without a single doubt part of the tribe as well.

The interviewer runs into the exact same problems faced by Chaim as he attempts to get Gaahl get to say something compromising, all while Gaahl refuses to take the bait. It mostly revolves around his homosexuality, and it features the very weird and typically jewish thing, a bizarre mix of constant homoeroticism AND homophobia – if you can imagine the cartoon “South Park” you’ll get what I mean – as he alternates between “homos persecuted by evil Nazis too, right?” and “but you homos also Nazis, bad!!!!“.

If there was still any doubt that anti-racist = anti-White…

Rock Hard: But there are likely people on the right fringe of the black metal scene for whom you as an avowed homosexual have become an enemy.

Gaahl: “Possibly, yes. My idea of art, and black metal especially, is the depiction of honesty without compromise. I really don’t care how other people react to it or the feelings it might provoke.”

Rock Hard: Since then you’ve openly admitted to having associated with radical right-wing circles back then.

Gaahl: “That’s correct.”

Rock Hard: Can you elaborate a bit more?

Gaahl: “These are things related to the past and the environment I found myself in at the time. In the early ’90s, there were all these different youth gangs in Norway and one thing led to another. I was involved in gang fights and had false friends. It wasn’t about any deep political convictions but rather about disassociation. Eventually it took on violent strains. I mean, gangs don’t meet up to hold discussions.”

Rock Hard: Would you call yourself a one-time die-hard Nazi?

Gaahl: “No, there was no political disposition — not with me nor any of my friends. But you had to profess allegiance to a certain group if you wanted to defend yourself and not get your ass kicked. I think we all — my friends at the time as well as myself — felt that way but some of them drifted off into politically extreme circles.”

Rock Hard: Were there racially motivated incidents?

Gaahl: “It was all about gang affiliation. Who attacked first and who merely defended themselves is impossible to say after all this time. But there were definitely violent altercations. Some of us even had guns.”

Rock Hard: Are there people in your circle of friends whom you’d call right-wingers?

Gaahl: “Yes, there are. Just like there are left-wingers. I don’t judge people by their political beliefs. That may sound strange. The people I associate with are a motley crew and yet there is no violence. My friends have respect for each other just like I respect them.”

Rock Hard: How are your right-wing friends responding to your being gay?

Gaahl: “There has been very little in terms of negative reactions. I’d like to think it’s because my friends respect me enough to where that side of me doesn’t bother them. If I was another type of guy, the reactions might be more drastic.”

Rock Hard: You’ve been jailed several times. Did any of that have anything to do with your political or sexual background?

Gaahl: “No, absolutely not.”

How about yours, (((Rock Hard)))? You don’t object to being called (((Rock Hard))), right? Or would you have called yourself a one-time die hard (((fellow White)))?

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