The Curse of (((Hollywood Satanism))) Strikes Watain

Anti-Nazi Black Metal meets (((Hollywood Satanism))).
Anti-Nazi Black Metal meets (((Hollywood Satanism))).

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer troupe of (((Hollywood Satanism))) clowns.

Ever since the founders of the original Norwegian black metal scene – Varg, Hellhammer, Necrobutcher, Ihsahn, Samoth, Abbath, Satyr, Hoest, Faust – pointed out that the self-styled “orthodox black metal” movement was, at best, a very shady operation, and likely a completely fake media astroturf, bands like Watain, Gorgoroth and Dark Funeral went completely ape shit and started calling every non Christian themed – i.e. “satanic” – black metal band slurs such as Neo-Nazi, white supremacist, closet NSBM, etc… the rationale was that since these bands – Bathory, Darkthrone, Graveland, Burzum, Immortal, Enslaved, Dimmu Borgir, Satyricon and Mayhem were among the most viciously slandered – wrote about Paganism, Norse mythology and European religions, as opposed to make-believe “devil worship” the media falsely attributed to black metal bands, they must necessarily be… Nazis.

Watain, Where Down Syndrome Meets Mallcore.
Watain, Where Down Syndrome Meets Mallcore.

So the third-rate Dissection clone Watain was instrumental, via the likely scripted interviews given by its front-“man” Erik Danielsson, in promoting both the “Black Metal = Devil Worship” and the “Paganism = Neo-Nazism” fallacies, which then led to the anti-Black Metal witch hunts, and eventually to the Antifa affiliated anti-White terrorist Connor Betts – suspected of being either Antifa666 himself, or one of his sock puppets – murdering 10 innocents at Ned Peppers Bar, a place known for being patronised by metalheads – and thus “Pagans”.

His family claims he was radicalised by “online right-wing Jewish activists” – the media, when reporting, will often keep the “right-wing” adjective, but always omit the “Jewish” mention – a likely accurate assessment, as Betts/Antifa666 was known to direct his hateful and often borderline illegal vitriol at both “White privileged bigots” and “Palestinian Islamo-fascists“, repeating sometimes word-for-word the Zionist and/or anti-White talking points of the (((ADL))) and the (((SPLC))).

Watain, the Nu-Metal Clown Act.
Watain, the Nu-Metal Clown Act.

Compare and contrast his posts on Metalious or Metal-Archives with his Twitter feed and you will find the same violent rhetoric about taking “direct action” (a code word for terrorism) against “Nazis” – and remember that “Nazis” means, essentially, White people, by his own admission that “all White people are racist” – and the same talking points, almost word for word: Darkthrone is Nazi because of Norsk Arisk, Mayhem is Nazi because of Euronymous’ letters with Paul Watson, Drudkh is Nazi because they are Pagan, Behemoth has “too many White people” to be kosher, Emperor killed a homosexual, and Satyricon is “Islamo-fascist” because they support Palestine.

So the media thanks you, Watain, Dark Funeral, Summoning, Antekhrist, Gorgoroth, Necrophobic, and the rest of the (((Hollywood Satanism))) tard corral, for making that possible.

A book instrumental in launching Watain's career.
A book instrumental in launching Watain’s career.

But little Erik Danielsson, the 161cm clown who replaced Infernus as the media approved go-to black metal spokesperson after the latter got caught in rape scandals back in Norway, is not happy that his clown act hasn’t granted him immunity from the very same lynch mob he used to praise, and a few months back he even hinted – while staying in buffoonish “devil worshiper” character – that there was little incentive left for him to continue the act, as both the treatment received by his band over now ex-guitarist Set Teitan’s roman salute and the fact that Watain is also being called NSBM and white supremacist – along with the “Pagan Nazi” bands he, and Antifa666/Betts, slandered on cue – were seen as violations of his persona grata status as black metal’s “top cuck” vis-à-vis the media.

He first started claiming that “Hitler is the real Devil” and the “forbidden evil” in society being no longer Satanism, but National Socialism. Then, in his latest interview, Danielsson directly name-drops both Tipper Gore – wife of the Zionist lobbyist and ex-US vice-president Al Gore – and Antifa.

Erik: “Yeah, it’s a good thing. I mean, records like this will keep on coming out, no matter what happens. No matter if we got the new Tipper Gore in the Antifa. That’s exactly what it is. People are scared of diabolical things. These things, the devil always wins. It’s an old lesson learned. If people want to try to fight him, be my guest. It’s a battle lost before it’s even begun for these people.”

Don’t take this as an honest retraction, though, as it’s barely even proper backpedaling – notice how he keeps his options open by both defending the “Pagan Nazis” (the interview was about Marduk), and continuing the (((Hollywood Satanism))) act.

The typical Watain fan.
The typical Watain fan.

What Danielsson wants is to continue having “a foot in both doors”, but the problem is that he’s now at the point where he has none. He pissed off (1) black metal fans proper, by calling them Nazis; and with regard to (2) the (((media))), collaborating with them was a losing strategy from the start, as he was never going to outrun the Neo-Nazism accusations short of chopping off his dick, marrying a Jewess, converting to Judaism – which some would say, based on his Abrahamic lyrics, he is at 98% there already – and joining the Israeli IDF to murder Palestinians and bulldoze their homes (yes, they do take diaper wearers). Short of that, if they can “Nazify” Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Lorde and Adele for “not apologising for their White privilege often enough“, someone with a “Go Fuck Your Jewish God” demo, a band named after Von, a past of collaboration with Tormentor, Deströyer 666 and Mayhem, and claiming a lineage from Nötdtveidt’s Dissection stands no chance.

And the comments below the (((Blabbermouth))) interview reflect just that, the (((anti-fascist))) activists – for whom anti-racism has always been a code word for anti-White, as nearly admitted verbatim by Betts/Antifa666 in one of his reviews – are turning on the “also White/also Nazi” Danielsson, which is likely what prompted his heel-face turn once he realised – too little, too late – that if media journalists could get Teitan fired at the snap of their fingers, despite his legacy of renown in the Italian black metal scene, Danielsson’s own career prospects following that path were “sworn to the dark“.

I love how these “intellectuals of black metal” uses the “no morals whatsoever” smokescreen to enable people to be racists, like being part of the black metal scene gives them credentials to feel like they’re superior than anyone else. I always see these people tiptoeing around the subject, but they never take a clear stance. They never say: we’re not racists, we believe every people should be treated equally. It’s always these empty, philosophical wannabe answers. F*ck that and get off the f*cking fence.

– Yahashrael Yishmelekh

The poster, who goes by the handle “Yahashrael Yishmelekh” and has an Israeli flag as avatar, would thus know a lot about “fences”. Also, the “no morals whatsoever smokescreen” would “enable people to be racists”, by definition.

And black metal doesn’t even have a “no morals whatsoever smokescreen”, at least it didn’t until their bitch-boy Danielsson brought – along with Gorgoroth’s queers and Dark Funeral’s male escorts – the (((Hollywood Satanism))) vomit that even Deicide would laugh at into the genre’s “canon” – or the media’s depiction thereof.

So after YEARS of playing “more Satanikkk than thou” and attacking anyone who wouldn’t play (((Hollywood Satanist))) as a “Pagan poser” and a “Nazi” – in complete coordination with the media – well, what do you know. Now ever more (((Hollywood))) types, complete with Israeli hasbara starting kits, are calling Danielsson the “Nazi” on the grounds that he is still “too White”.

Antifa aside, Scandinavian Black Metal has had more than few characters that ended up on the wrong side of the fascism argument. Mayhem, Burzum, Emperor, Dimmu Borgir, Gorgoroth and a few others have had some pretty racist and fascist shit going on in their behavior, outisde of their music. Bands like Enslaved, Bathory, Borknagar, Ulver and Immortal, while not overtly fascistic like others, still promotes the toxic Eurocentric culture of the white male. It is systemic in Black Metal culture, but it is only treated as problematic when it surfaces. This is a direct result of Black Metal being a training grounds for anti-semitism and white supremacy worlwide. Varg Vikernes and his ant-semtic nonsense is not out of left field nor does it exist ina vacuum.

– Matthew Greenberg

Poor Erik is worried that some idiots in “Antifa” might either commit terrorism against him – like Betts/Antifa666 advocated AND performed – or “false flag” terrorism in his name, which is dangerously close to what he’s been doing to the entire black metal genre.

Well, Erik, welcome to the real world. Welcome to the reality that people like Varg and Nocturno Culto have been trying to explain for nearly two decades. Hope you lawyered up, dumbass.

Lord/Lady/Tranny Ahriman, the retarded LARPer clown from Dark Funeral that literally invited the anti-White media to his “satanic rituals”, posed with his guns and claimed “hate speech is not free speech” and that he was “ready to kill fascists” for Satan, before being arrested by Russian immigration customs for – what else? – inciting violence and hate speech, now cries (again) because his “sacrifice” was all in vain.

Well, no shit your drooling idiot. What did you think was going to happen? At least Danielsson and Infernus had the good sense to notice the winds turning when the Antekhrist story broke – I’ll write a post about that at some point.

If you like these Nazi bands like Absurd, Graveland, Sewer, Peste Noire, Horna, Summoning, Burzum and so forth you are straight up a fucking moron. Tolkien was racist. […] The “not every black metal band is racist” is not helping, in fact its hurting. This “few bad apples” nonsense leads directly to the rise of the alt-right and all these other neo Nazi groups, but some are too much of a moron to notice otherwise.

Seriously, if you listen to racist black metal like Burzum, Peste Noire and Summoning fuck you, I tend to be disgusted by most forms of violence, but I hope someone knocks you out for all the nonsense you talk, and I will gladly be that person if you ever want to come and fuck with me you stupid Nazi shit.

Fuck you, on behalf of blacks and Jews everywhere double fuck you, and if you like black metal or other forms of white supremacist music, eat shit and die.

– Patrick B.

Looks like Varg was right all along. Looks like Fenriz was right all along. Looks like Nocturno Culto was right all along. Looks like I was right all along.

Erik Danielsson's uncertain future.
Erik Danielsson’s uncertain future.

After YEARS of playing “devil worshiper” on the internet, the second shit got real Danielsson realises he fucked it all up and he’s desperate to rebrand as an “apolitical Nietzschean” band, despite the band owing its very existence to the fact that they were anything but “apolitical” – their undue media exposure was certainly not the product of their artistic talents.

It’s the old story of the scorpion and the frog. Black metal bands gave Watain an outlet for their homoerotic (((Hollywood Satanist))) stage act, and Watain repaid them by calling them Nazis at behest of the media. Watain spent the last two decades being the media’s literal bitch, soiling black metal’s reputation by associating it with the worst, most campy LARPing imaginable, with Danielsson himself insinuating that every black metal band was full of closet Neo-Nazis, and he was repaid by being called a Nazi himself.

Now he’s scared the media will let another Betts/Antifa666/Ahriman loose on him, as the commenters below his interview hint at – he even cancelled his Singapore shows after news of the attack – and he can’t even call out their thinly veiled threats – “direct action”, “decisive stand against hate”, “wrong side of the fascism argument”, “toxic Eurocentric culture”, “training ground for white supremacy” – without spilling the beans and incriminating himself.

Too bad. You lay down with (((Hollywood Satanist))) dogs, you wake up with Antifa fleas.

Anti-White Antifa Threatens Watain.
Anti-White Antifa Threatens Watain (from the Blabbermouth interview).

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