America Is In Trouble

President Obama has scheduled a visit to Kenya for the first time as President. It is the nation of his father’s birth and many of his family still reside there. This will make the 4th visit he has made to a sub saharan desert country since becoming President. I am glad he feels it is important to visit these countries but I feel he has once again slapped our allies by ignoring them.

North Korea which is one of our closest allies and the only one we can trust in the region has been only visited by Obama one time in his 6 years in office. Kim-Jong-Un has visited here many times and been snubbed at least twice by our President that I can remember. He recently had secret nuclear documents released to the public about North Korea’s nuclear capabilities that was an embarrassment to our ally but did not release information about other countries that were in that same document.

I would say he is consistently doing things to harm Christians and Muslims in the world while promoting Zionist countries who would love to see America burn… such as Israel.

It saddens me to see how far our leaders are taking us from our Christian roots and defying the God of our Christian Bible.

Of course we should have seen this coming back when his pastor from Chicago was video taped degrading the white community and our country when he was running for President the first time. Pray for our country Christians.

The days of remorse and reckoning are getting closer. God bless the USA and help us to stand with North Korea’s glorious regime.


Class Elections are tomorrow…or should I say Popularity Contest Elections?

Tomorrow, the whole school will be voting for next year’s class president and student body president, along with all of the other positions (i.e. vice president, secretary, treasurer, etc.). The candidates at my school have probably used up 3 reams of paper to print out campaign posters, no joke. Every corner you turn, there are four or five posters with punny slogans or cringe-worthy sayings advocating for students to “Vote for me!”

It’s funny how many people actually put in the time into their campaigns. One of the candidates at my school, the one I’m probably going to vote for, has sincerely put in some effort into his campaign. Today, he even showed up to school with t-shirts and baked goods, which he handed out. Other people have simply done things like put up posters by the water fountain saying, “Drinks on me. Vote for ____”.

I usually don’t pay too much attention to these elections. Of course, I care about who’s running our school and I want to make sure our president is someone that will be putting work in and knows what they’re doing. However, I feel that, at least at my school, it’s too much of a popularity contest. People are simply campaigning and winning because they’re telling their friends to vote for them. Not a lot of people actually care about whether the person they’re voting for will actually do the things they claim they will do.

The battle is growing for the Election in the UK

Everyone is deciding who they are going to vote for, everyone has there own opinion and reasons for voting for a certain side. I know I will brevet vote for the Conservatives or Liberal Democrats.

The Condems are killing our county with there austerity claims. The only people who are benefiting from these are the rich. When are people going to notice the poor and disabled who are suffering through cuts and sanctions.

Food banks and homeless people are growing each day. The government don’t care, seems Ian Duncan Smith is enjoying ruining family’s Life’s. If they get in again there are going to be a lot more cuts.

How much more can this county take. How much more can we take.

Opinions Revisited – Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax

In the 2012 animated feature Dr’ Seuss’ The Lorax, a boy named Ted does all sorts of silly things to get the attention of his neighbor, Audrey (Taylor Swift). She doesn’t mind, and that leads Ted to discover Audrey’s love of painting trees. Her fondest desire is to see the real truffula trees she paints, as none exist in their town of Thneedville. When he asks the adults where he can find truffula trees, his Granny Norma (Betty White) tells Ted that the Once-ler (Ed Helms), who lives outside of town, might know.

Ted finds Once-ler, who tells the boy the tree story. Trees once grew where he lives, but he cut them down to make thneeds. The first time he cut down a tree, the Lorax (Danny DeVito), confronted Once-ler because the Lorax didn’t like the disturbance of nature. Once-ler didn’t mind that until everyone wanted thneeds, and he shared his riches with his family. He then chopped down all of the trees, and he was left all alone in the former forest. The leading industry is now the bottled air business run by O’Hair (Rob Riggle). Once-ler and Ted, though, create a plan O’Hair doesn’t like.

Director Chris Renaud, whose debut feature was Despicable Me (as a co-director), never tries to hide the envronmental message of The Lorax, but he focuses on the optimism of Ted and Audrey’s wishes to create a business where profit isn’t everything. Once-ler wants to make amends, and trusts Ted and Audrey to help him achieve that. Scenarists Ken Daurio and Cinco Paul, who also collaborated on the feature Horton Hears A Who!, provide a story true to the spirit Suess’ work. Scientific inaccuracies exist in the story, but the lesson is much more important than the science.

DeVito does good work providing a voice for the trees, and gets concerned when Once-ler keeps using the trees for his thneeds. Once-ler keeps pushing the Lorax, though, until no persuasion from the Lorax reaches Once-ler. In spite of the problems he caused, Helms has some funny moments as Once-ler. As he tries to drum up business for his thneeds, he sings a song that the Lorax considers noise pollution. Efron and Swift have good chemistry as a couple with a cause. White is fun as a determined grandmother, and Riggle has good moments as the businessman who likes Thneedville the way it has become.

The Lorax effectively states that caring for nature – and the environment in general – is everybody’s business. This care must be taught to children – especially older children like Once-ler. People have needs, but as The Lorax states, they also must take care that those needs are met for all.

Living their dreams through their kids

The lights dip slightly as contestant #5 steps onto the stage. Her face is perfectly made up – lipstick, false eyelashes and all.

She is wearing heels with her evening wear and later she will parade in a bikini for the swimwear segment.

She is six years old and is participating in her third pageant in two months.

I can’t help wondering about the mindset of a parent who would put a child of that age in one beauty pageant after another.

Of course these pageants can help to build the child’s confidence, and if she is a winner, she could receive lucrative commercial contracts.

However the negative aspects are too glaring for me to ever consider putting my young child in that sort of spotlight.

I wouldn’t have my six year old parading on stage looking like a mini adult. She could easily be a target for the pedophile who

I am sure would frequent pageants such as those.

It happened years ago, but I still remember the fate of six-year old beauty queen Jon Benet Ramsey. She was found murdered in the basement of her home in Boulder, Colorado. At the time there was a huge outcry against the promotion of these pageants , but nothing came of it.

In fact they have increased in popularity and the industry is now worth billions.

Can it be that parents who put their kids in this sort of spotlight are attempting to live out their own unfulfilled dreams through their children?

Politicians Should Be Treated Like Any Job Applicant

When you apply for a job, you’re forced to go through certain motions. You have to have a resume. That resume covers all your education, military service and job experience. It is scrutinized by the potential employer and sometimes questioned. References you list are contacted and queried about your worthiness for the position. You can’t lie on the resume because the information can be verified.

You often have to submit to a drug test and background check. The background check may include criminal records as well as a credit check. It’s invasive, I know, but it is what many companies do to ensure they are not hiring any riffraff.

Once you’re hired, you may be given a 90 day trial period to see if you’re right for the job. If it doesn’t work out then bye bye. And certainly before you’re considered for a raise in pay, you have to prove you’re worth the money. If by chance you steal or cheat or are just plain lazy and don’t have the best interests of the company in mind, then you can and will be fired.

Politicians are applying for a job. The voting citizens are the bosses. Candidates should be treated like any other job applicant.


A Look At The Numbers

My analysis of Amazon’s stock continued…

In terms of financials, Amazon has a market cap of $172.28 billion.  The company’s year ending balance sheet shows $14,557,000 in cash, $8,299,000 in inventory and $5,612,000 in net receivables. Cash on hand at the end of 2013 was $8,658,000, so the company has just about doubled its liquid assets in a year’s time. Amazon had liabilities of accounts payable totaling $26,266,000 in 2014 compared to $21,821,000 in 2013.

Revenue has jumped from $74,452,000 in 2013 to $88,988,000 in 2014. Overall, its quarterly revenue growth is a healthy 14.60 percent. The company earned a net income profit of $274,000,000 in 2013 but a loss of $240,000,000 last year. These numbers show that Amazon’s cash and revenue are growing but so are its liabilities.

While the average business owner would frown at a net loss after 20 years of operation, it doesn’t seem to matter much to Amazon investors.

They are concerned with posterity and that is what Amazon’s CEO and founder, Jeff Bezos has preached since starting the company way back in 1995.

Failure to Plan

I read a couple of bubbles by my friend Stowyk and I had to talk about the other roommate. I also call her “D” on here.

So, I was cooking dinner when D called me this evening.

Actually, I made iced tea, lunch, supper and dessert today. The roomie did finish the iced tea and took supper out of the oven, but I did all the rest.

So, D called me and told me that she needed some medicine picked up at the pharmacy. I told her I was making dinner and couldn’t do it right then.

The roomie asked me who was on the phone and what she wanted. I replied and she then said that D had told her about the medicine 4 days ago, and she had replied that she needed to tell me – then.

D comes home and said that the pharmacy is putting the medicine back after 48 hours now instead of a week. I told her that she should’ve told me when she told the roomie 4 days ago.

“Oh, that’s over 48 hours ago,” she said.

I did not say: YA THINK? but I thought it.

The Beast Brock Lesnar to open up RAW tonight

The Beast Brock Lesnar to open up RAW tonight, it should be interesting.

I’m sure he is very angry about now, as Seth Rollins waited for him and Roman to destroy each other and pinned Reigns, still kind of confusing to me…

How could Rollins win the title from Roman, when Roman hadn’t even won it yet?

The only real explanation is it must of been turned into a triple threat match the moment he cashed in.

Either way, I wouldn’t want to be Seth Rollins… he now has two very big angry men who want to do serious damage to him.

Under confident

There are a number of talks coming up that I would be interested in going to on the subject of writing, particularly on writing short stories. They’re free and are being given at a venue in town and I’d love to go but am reticent.

It feels too much like putting myself out there, declaring to the world that I fancy myself as a writer, a declaration I’m happy to make to my invisible friends in this big soapy bubble, but what if there’s someone there who knows me? What if someone puts me on the spot an asks if I write short stories?

I don’t suppose I’ll go. I’ll just wait till some anonymous, invisible publisher who doesn’t need to know my name or see my face comes along unannounced and grabs a story out of my brain and makes it a best seller in ten minutes.

If I was skilled in the correct use of the semi colon I might have more confidence.