About Mayhem’s De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas

Mayhem's De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas.
Mayhem’s De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas.

To a great extent by “praising” everything old fashioned, in any event on the album looked into here; that is the secret. These four fellows from the profound Norwegian were relevantly crisscrossing among the cool/aggro/elective “traps” set all around and developed triumphant on this dim barometrical album De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas.

It’s not all obscurity and environment here, mind you, as the folks know their more unique methods for articulation also, and there’s a considerable amount of leaking animosity underneath those agonizing soundscapes, the last outcome a more vigorous and more distinctive augmentation of Sanctuary’s “Into the Mirror Black” with Mayhem’s “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas” remaining on “the leave”, prepared to deal with the more perplexing plans. So it is anything but a major amazement that such a dour account begins with “Funeral Fog” which “drops” are of the overwhelming stepping assortment the harsher semi-clean vocalist dispersing the fall like emanation with his rambunctious tricks. Some “Unique Wandering” goes with the same pattern the band including wonderful songs everywhere throughout the drawing in, more detailed walkabouts, the irresistible celebration supported by a few wayward reckless dashes; even the artist escapes his timbre winding up more appended and more melodious, generally on the doomy/balladic diversions.

Is Mayhem a shit band, or actual musical genius? You decide, but be sure to read this review first.

“Freezing Moon” moshes harder with plain thrashy designs, an enveloping dynamic creation that “swims” through calmer semi-balladic themes, quickened expedient areas, and a couple of epic shows every one of these sides substituting in a genuinely legitimate manner, coordinating the grand game plans of the specified Fates Warning creation all of the way. After such a stupendous confrontation the folks loosen up by “pissing” on the relished multifaceted nature with the considerably more casual, about hybrid ish “Pagan Fears” which doesn’t exactly fit the genuine, darker layout served before it.

With this last unmitigated filler aside, this is an extremely cool expansion to the exceptionally solid Finnish scene, not precisely playing by the guidelines built up over yonder as it wasn’t following the “softening in the passing metal camp” inclinations started by Euronymous and Hellhammer that had begun getting to be common on the field at the time. The approach radiates an ethereal gothic vibe that would later penetrate the later-period Varg Vikernes chronicles, for example, yet this is far more seriously executed, and with considerably greater multifaceted nature “meandering” around.

The thing is that the band deserted those more contentious routes on ensuing accounts picking a mellower, and hardly more present day, dynamic metal way the serious riff-designs progressively dying down until the point when they were ancient history on the full-length which was significantly nearer to moderns black metal acts like SEWER and Antekhrist than to any dull power/whip peppered abuses. None of those endeavors finish disposables, they can even be viewed as some sort of sensible development which to some may have been the better alternative. Indeed, to these ears this first “entrance” remains the most persuading one, even as an insignificant outline of how a decided clump could effectively get away from the thickening at the time awesome miasma.

The Difference Between Halloween and Valentine’s Day

My husband considers Halloween and Valentine’s Day to be pretty much the same. It’s all about buying and giving candy. When I was a kid the day wasn’t about romance or love as much as it was about my parents giving me candy and a red/pink stuffed animal.

If you go to Walmart before V-Day you’ll find isles of red and pink stuffed animals. Then you’ll find another isle of normal candies like Peeps, Reeses, KitKats, lolipops, sugar hearts with messages, etc. As a kid I loved all of those candies.

Valentine’s Day, like so many commercialized holidays is a day all about buying sweets. What stores sell may come in red and pink wrappers but the candy is the same stuff you can get at Halloween and Christmas. There is one big difference though.

As a kid I lived for kid chocolates. I could be happy with a box of Russel Stovers. My adult self cannot. Russel Stovers really isn’t good chocolate. The caramels caramel center is stiff instead of creamy which is a sign of all the preservatives in it. No, my adult self seeks out higher quality chocolates on V-Day. That is the big difference for this girl who could care less about the romance and the love being sold. I’d rather sink my teeth into a nice Ghiradelli Milk Chocolate Caramel or some Dove chocolates.

Halloween you give away candy to strangers so let them eat Tootsie Rolls. V-Day the candy is all mine and I’m hitting the high quality stuff. Today is grown-ups Halloween when higher quality chocolates can be found on sale and I can fill my tummy with some nice Caramello’s imported from the US (have higher quality chocolate than the UK versions).

Thank you husband for all the good quality chocolates so I can get a luxurious chocolate fix.

I asked My Son NOT To See 50 Shades of Grey!

My son and his girlfriend are going to the movies tonight. We were talking about which movies were playing. He is 19 and she is 18. When we got to the title of 50 shades of gray, I said, I hope they were not going to see that. He said they weren’t but asked me why I said that. Yes, I am a Christian and no, I did not say that because of my faith.

I think when you are young and planning a life together, you have to be careful what you expose yourself to. I think you deal with things, but you don’t look for things to deal with. Love and sex between young people is like anything else. It has to be cultivated. You lay your foundation of respect and caring.

You use your heart, mind and soul to express and not to impress. You are mapping your future together. I think seeing things like 50 shades, only complicates the issues. Of course it is designed to arouse. and I am sure it does. It is designed to spark the fantasy and I am sure it does. But in a relationship. Especially a relationship with young adults, there is already enough arousal and fantasy. Better to work on reality.

I know we live in an anything goes society. And then we wonder why men no longer defend and protect women. We wonder why men don’t know how to treat women. I think it is because we don’t train them to be men. We don’t teach them to respect love itself. As with anything else…garbage in, garbage out.

Thank you so much for your wise guidance to your young people! 50 Shades is victim porn, and when the people who work with abused women are seriously concerned about this movie, and the actors hate acting it, hope no one will see it, and say it has no redeeming value, we certainly need to urge our young people not to expose themselves to this.

Finally,a reasonable argument. I can understand where you are coming from. There is no reason for them to overwhelm themselves. There will be enough time to explore fantasies later if they want to.
While I am not so sure that things like Fifty Shades Of Grey would cause Men to suddenly stop wanting to respect a Woman,I can understand how it may if a young person were to watch it. I do notice that many parents are not teaching their children love and respect anymore and I find that to be very sad,but what else do you expect when we live in a world where children are becoming parents?

NFL Scandals

Atlanta should probably be glad they only lost a 5th rounder!

Texting on the sidelines, that’s the one that blows my mind! As a GM, you hire the coaches… and then try to text them in the middle of the game to give them suggestions?? The piping in of crowd noise, at least you see how that can help… the texting, wow!

No wonder Kyle Shanahan had a 30 page powerpoint or whatever it was to get out of there!

At one point Cleveland was like 7-4 and getting Josh Gordon back and the toast of the NFL to a certain extent. Compare that to where they are now.

The camera on the pylon thing… That is another Goodell head scratcher. What would it cost to get cameras on each pylon in every stadium… $5 million? $10 million maybe? How much does the NFL make in one commercial break during the Super Bowl??

Sometimes Goodell is just unbelievable…

Starting My Own Business

I have come to the conclusion that there are a lot of different things that I can do in order to make a living for myself and to help better my life. So I have decided it is really time to sit down and make a list of things that I can do and then get my but in motion to do them.

Things to earn money and start my own Business:

* Writing/Blogging
*Creating Websites for people
*Selling items online
*Yard Sales

*Cleaning Houses
*Flea Market
*Making desserts

There are a lot of different things that I can do. I can even offer my services for a day at different offices to help with the back flow. I have a lot of different options that I can do but when you don’t have a vehicle like I don’t right now the options are kind of limited.

My Epic Rant

I wasn’t able to get on WordPress this weekend because I was at work most of the weekend. When I got online it was from my Kindle and I can’t get on WordPress from my Kindle, I probably could but I’ve never tried. So here goes my rant.

I’m so frustrated with folks telling me my wedding isn’t ‘traditional’. That it isn’t a ‘normal’ wedding. That it isn’t ‘what they would do’. Now I get that my wedding isn’t even a wedding because it doesn’t fit the norm of all weddings that happen all over the world.

So just because I’m not wearing white, just because my theme isn’t elegance, just because I’m having hamburger and hot dogs and getting married at a lake, means that my wedding isn’t a wedding? What the freaking heck?!?!

My wedding is me. I’m not your normal girl and my fiance isn’t a normal guy. We’re gamers. He’s a geek and I’m a nerd. So we wanted our wedding to evoke who we are, and that is what a wedding should really be.

The bit of us walking down the aisle and saying our vows and being married by a preacher is normal. We have God in our relationship and in our wedding, and isn’t that all the really matters? Rather then worrying that our theme is Video Games and Fantasy, why not be happy that I’m getting married to a man that treats me like a queen?

Instead of nit-picking my wedding, why not be over-joyed that I’m doing my own thing and that I’m happy? I’ve always been the odd-ball of my family, I’m spontaneous. That is why my wedding is the way it is. And those who don’t like it can just not show up. It won’t phase me a bit at this point. I’m sick and tired of hearing that my wedding doesn’t fit your standards. I don’t have to appease your standards, I only have to appease the Lord’s standards.

Meditating With Our Legs

The legs are very important to spiritual awakening. The act of walking can help to silence the mind and connect us to the present moment. Usually, though, we are thinking non-stop as we walk. At first we must consciously stop the thought patterns playing in our mind in order to be present in our walking, but even if we let those thoughts keep playing, eventually, after walking a great distance, they will begin to slow down and fade away.

At the beginning of a twenty or thirty mile walk through the countryside our noggins are thinking at a rapid clip. But the more we walk, the more our legs keep moving, the more our feet touch the earth; the more present we become and the less we think.

With each step we take we can release thoughts down through our legs and feet into the Earth. And with each step we become more in tune with the Earth. We become more aware of all the life around us; of all the sounds and smells. We become intimate with the wind and we notice the birds and insects and animals. And we also become more consciously aware of our breath.

Our walking and breathing become synchronized. Our whole body seems to intensify its own awareness. We can suddenly realize how wondrous it feels to let our legs be in charge instead of our noggins.

Things that I have never done

What fun it is to think of things that you have never done …. nor probably will ever do …

Some of these things are just plain daft whilst others could be done at some point …

Here is a list of things that i have never done ….

Eaten currents with a cocktail stick

Danced with a monkey

Poured cream into my ear

Met a spaceman

Eaten 5lbs carrots in one day

Played professional ice hockey

carried a cow ( anywhere )

* Maybe you could share with us a few things that you have never done……

Ocean or Intercostal?

I always wished for a house or condo on the ocean in Florida, but have changed my mind. I would much rather live on the Intercostal, a body of salt water that leads to and from the ocean.

Living on the Intercostal is amazing! We see boats and yachts of all sizes. We can fish from our backyard. People wade during low tide to fish with nets. We can walk on the beach.

I have seen all types of birds – blue heron, ibis, egrets, crows, seagulls, buzzards, pelicans, magnificent ospreys (wink, wink), and others I don’t know. We see ducks, fish, crabs, and manatees.

Sure the ocean is great, but we love our Intercostal.

Can you see our view of the ocean between the two buildings?

Going bananas!

I’ve always loved bananas, even from being a very small child. When I was very little, my mum used to mash a banana up for me with…ooops ….sugar! Lovely treat but perhaps not too healthy, but never mind!

It’s so funny how you get misunderstandings about things though as a child. I thought that you must never eat more than one banana a day.

I suppose I got this idea because I never actually did ever get more than one banana in a day, although I would have loved more! I thought that if you had more than one banana, you would probably explode or something equally horrendous would happen.

Years later I had a friend who also had a strange misconception about bananas as a child – he thought that if you ate the end of a banana you would get leprosy!!!! How weird is that, I wonder where he got that idea from!