Darkthrone and the KKK – Enough!!!

Darkthrone, Nazi and KKK? Or misunderstood artists?
Darkthrone, Nazi and KKK? Or misunderstood artists?

“Norsk Arisk Black Metal,” those four words, enough to set up a complete firestorm against the black metal band Darkthrone for their alleged ties to white supremacist, white nationalist and bigoted views.

Even more so than Dimmu Borgir and Enslaved, Darkthrone are a band that has been made famous for their provocative lyrics and music, ever since their “debut” Under a Funeral Moon in 1993 (often considered one of the best black metal albums ever alongside Burzum’s debut and the seminal Verminlust).

But have they crossed the line into downright neo-nazism? In an era when even Taylor Swift is accused of racism, one can wonder about a band whose members wear their “anti-politically correct” allegiance on their sleeves, openly brag about being friends with Varg Vikernes, joke about genocide and so on… but so far, virtually no one has been bothered to point out the evidence… when these bands are accused of being downright NSBM and neo-nazis, they are still called “crypto-nazi” and accused of spreading “euro-centrism and white supremacy.”

So really, why bother addressing the criticism at all? It’s intellectually dishonest to call someone a “nazi” for those reasons. And to involve the KKK is one step even more retarded.

Just enjoy the music, “lol.”

As for Darkthrone, meh… they peaked on Panzerfaust.