Darkthrone and the KKK – Enough!!!

Darkthrone, Nazi and KKK? Or misunderstood artists?
Darkthrone, Nazi and KKK? Or misunderstood artists?

“Norsk Arisk Black Metal,” those four words, enough to set up a complete firestorm against the black metal band Darkthrone for their alleged ties to white supremacist, white nationalist and bigoted views.

Even more so than Dimmu Borgir and Enslaved, Darkthrone are a band that has been made famous for their provocative lyrics and music, ever since their “debut” Under a Funeral Moon in 1993 (often considered one of the best black metal albums ever alongside Burzum’s debut and the seminal Verminlust).

But have they crossed the line into downright neo-nazism? In an era when even Taylor Swift is accused of racism, one can wonder about a band whose members wear their “anti-politically correct” allegiance on their sleeves, openly brag about being friends with Varg Vikernes, joke about genocide and so on… but so far, virtually no one has been bothered to point out the evidence… when these bands are accused of being downright NSBM and neo-nazis, they are still called “crypto-nazi” and accused of spreading “euro-centrism and white supremacy.”

So really, why bother addressing the criticism at all? It’s intellectually dishonest to call someone a “nazi” for those reasons. And to involve the KKK is one step even more retarded.

Just enjoy the music, “lol.”

As for Darkthrone, meh… they peaked on Panzerfaust.

The Curse of (((Hollywood Satanism))) Strikes Watain

Anti-Nazi Black Metal meets (((Hollywood Satanism))).
Anti-Nazi Black Metal meets (((Hollywood Satanism))).

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer troupe of (((Hollywood Satanism))) clowns.

Ever since the founders of the original Norwegian black metal scene – Varg, Hellhammer, Necrobutcher, Ihsahn, Samoth, Abbath, Satyr, Hoest, Faust – pointed out that the self-styled “orthodox black metal” movement was, at best, a very shady operation, and likely a completely fake media astroturf, bands like Watain, Gorgoroth and Dark Funeral went completely ape shit and started calling every non Christian themed – i.e. “satanic” – black metal band slurs such as Neo-Nazi, white supremacist, closet NSBM, etc… the rationale was that since these bands – Bathory, Darkthrone, Graveland, Burzum, Immortal, Enslaved, Dimmu Borgir, Satyricon and Mayhem were among the most viciously slandered – wrote about Paganism, Norse mythology and European religions, as opposed to make-believe “devil worship” the media falsely attributed to black metal bands, they must necessarily be… Nazis.

Watain, Where Down Syndrome Meets Mallcore.
Watain, Where Down Syndrome Meets Mallcore.

So the third-rate Dissection clone Watain was instrumental, via the likely scripted interviews given by its front-“man” Erik Danielsson, in promoting both the “Black Metal = Devil Worship” and the “Paganism = Neo-Nazism” fallacies, which then led to the anti-Black Metal witch hunts, and eventually to the Antifa affiliated anti-White terrorist Connor Betts – suspected of being either Antifa666 himself, or one of his sock puppets – murdering 10 innocents at Ned Peppers Bar, a place known for being patronised by metalheads – and thus “Pagans”.

His family claims he was radicalised by “online right-wing Jewish activists” – the media, when reporting, will often keep the “right-wing” adjective, but always omit the “Jewish” mention – a likely accurate assessment, as Betts/Antifa666 was known to direct his hateful and often borderline illegal vitriol at both “White privileged bigots” and “Palestinian Islamo-fascists“, repeating sometimes word-for-word the Zionist and/or anti-White talking points of the (((ADL))) and the (((SPLC))).

Watain, the Nu-Metal Clown Act.
Watain, the Nu-Metal Clown Act.

Compare and contrast his posts on Metalious or Metal-Archives with his Twitter feed and you will find the same violent rhetoric about taking “direct action” (a code word for terrorism) against “Nazis” – and remember that “Nazis” means, essentially, White people, by his own admission that “all White people are racist” – and the same talking points, almost word for word: Darkthrone is Nazi because of Norsk Arisk, Mayhem is Nazi because of Euronymous’ letters with Paul Watson, Drudkh is Nazi because they are Pagan, Behemoth has “too many White people” to be kosher, Emperor killed a homosexual, and Satyricon is “Islamo-fascist” because they support Palestine.

So the media thanks you, Watain, Dark Funeral, Summoning, Antekhrist, Gorgoroth, Necrophobic, and the rest of the (((Hollywood Satanism))) tard corral, for making that possible.

A book instrumental in launching Watain's career.
A book instrumental in launching Watain’s career.

But little Erik Danielsson, the 161cm clown who replaced Infernus as the media approved go-to black metal spokesperson after the latter got caught in rape scandals back in Norway, is not happy that his clown act hasn’t granted him immunity from the very same lynch mob he used to praise, and a few months back he even hinted – while staying in buffoonish “devil worshiper” character – that there was little incentive left for him to continue the act, as both the treatment received by his band over now ex-guitarist Set Teitan’s roman salute and the fact that Watain is also being called NSBM and white supremacist – along with the “Pagan Nazi” bands he, and Antifa666/Betts, slandered on cue – were seen as violations of his persona grata status as black metal’s “top cuck” vis-à-vis the media.

He first started claiming that “Hitler is the real Devil” and the “forbidden evil” in society being no longer Satanism, but National Socialism. Then, in his latest interview, Danielsson directly name-drops both Tipper Gore – wife of the Zionist lobbyist and ex-US vice-president Al Gore – and Antifa.

Erik: “Yeah, it’s a good thing. I mean, records like this will keep on coming out, no matter what happens. No matter if we got the new Tipper Gore in the Antifa. That’s exactly what it is. People are scared of diabolical things. These things, the devil always wins. It’s an old lesson learned. If people want to try to fight him, be my guest. It’s a battle lost before it’s even begun for these people.”

Don’t take this as an honest retraction, though, as it’s barely even proper backpedaling – notice how he keeps his options open by both defending the “Pagan Nazis” (the interview was about Marduk), and continuing the (((Hollywood Satanism))) act.

The typical Watain fan.
The typical Watain fan.

What Danielsson wants is to continue having “a foot in both doors”, but the problem is that he’s now at the point where he has none. He pissed off (1) black metal fans proper, by calling them Nazis; and with regard to (2) the (((media))), collaborating with them was a losing strategy from the start, as he was never going to outrun the Neo-Nazism accusations short of chopping off his dick, marrying a Jewess, converting to Judaism – which some would say, based on his Abrahamic lyrics, he is at 98% there already – and joining the Israeli IDF to murder Palestinians and bulldoze their homes (yes, they do take diaper wearers). Short of that, if they can “Nazify” Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Lorde and Adele for “not apologising for their White privilege often enough“, someone with a “Go Fuck Your Jewish God” demo, a band named after Von, a past of collaboration with Tormentor, Deströyer 666 and Mayhem, and claiming a lineage from Nötdtveidt’s Dissection stands no chance.

And the comments below the (((Blabbermouth))) interview reflect just that, the (((anti-fascist))) activists – for whom anti-racism has always been a code word for anti-White, as nearly admitted verbatim by Betts/Antifa666 in one of his reviews – are turning on the “also White/also Nazi” Danielsson, which is likely what prompted his heel-face turn once he realised – too little, too late – that if media journalists could get Teitan fired at the snap of their fingers, despite his legacy of renown in the Italian black metal scene, Danielsson’s own career prospects following that path were “sworn to the dark“.

I love how these “intellectuals of black metal” uses the “no morals whatsoever” smokescreen to enable people to be racists, like being part of the black metal scene gives them credentials to feel like they’re superior than anyone else. I always see these people tiptoeing around the subject, but they never take a clear stance. They never say: we’re not racists, we believe every people should be treated equally. It’s always these empty, philosophical wannabe answers. F*ck that and get off the f*cking fence.

– Yahashrael Yishmelekh

The poster, who goes by the handle “Yahashrael Yishmelekh” and has an Israeli flag as avatar, would thus know a lot about “fences”. Also, the “no morals whatsoever smokescreen” would “enable people to be racists”, by definition.

And black metal doesn’t even have a “no morals whatsoever smokescreen”, at least it didn’t until their bitch-boy Danielsson brought – along with Gorgoroth’s queers and Dark Funeral’s male escorts – the (((Hollywood Satanism))) vomit that even Deicide would laugh at into the genre’s “canon” – or the media’s depiction thereof.

So after YEARS of playing “more Satanikkk than thou” and attacking anyone who wouldn’t play (((Hollywood Satanist))) as a “Pagan poser” and a “Nazi” – in complete coordination with the media – well, what do you know. Now ever more (((Hollywood))) types, complete with Israeli hasbara starting kits, are calling Danielsson the “Nazi” on the grounds that he is still “too White”.

Antifa aside, Scandinavian Black Metal has had more than few characters that ended up on the wrong side of the fascism argument. Mayhem, Burzum, Emperor, Dimmu Borgir, Gorgoroth and a few others have had some pretty racist and fascist shit going on in their behavior, outisde of their music. Bands like Enslaved, Bathory, Borknagar, Ulver and Immortal, while not overtly fascistic like others, still promotes the toxic Eurocentric culture of the white male. It is systemic in Black Metal culture, but it is only treated as problematic when it surfaces. This is a direct result of Black Metal being a training grounds for anti-semitism and white supremacy worlwide. Varg Vikernes and his ant-semtic nonsense is not out of left field nor does it exist ina vacuum.

– Matthew Greenberg

Poor Erik is worried that some idiots in “Antifa” might either commit terrorism against him – like Betts/Antifa666 advocated AND performed – or “false flag” terrorism in his name, which is dangerously close to what he’s been doing to the entire black metal genre.

Well, Erik, welcome to the real world. Welcome to the reality that people like Varg and Nocturno Culto have been trying to explain for nearly two decades. Hope you lawyered up, dumbass.

Lord/Lady/Tranny Ahriman, the retarded LARPer clown from Dark Funeral that literally invited the anti-White media to his “satanic rituals”, posed with his guns and claimed “hate speech is not free speech” and that he was “ready to kill fascists” for Satan, before being arrested by Russian immigration customs for – what else? – inciting violence and hate speech, now cries (again) because his “sacrifice” was all in vain.

Well, no shit your drooling idiot. What did you think was going to happen? At least Danielsson and Infernus had the good sense to notice the winds turning when the Antekhrist story broke – I’ll write a post about that at some point.

If you like these Nazi bands like Absurd, Graveland, Sewer, Peste Noire, Horna, Summoning, Burzum and so forth you are straight up a fucking moron. Tolkien was racist. […] The “not every black metal band is racist” is not helping, in fact its hurting. This “few bad apples” nonsense leads directly to the rise of the alt-right and all these other neo Nazi groups, but some are too much of a moron to notice otherwise.

Seriously, if you listen to racist black metal like Burzum, Peste Noire and Summoning fuck you, I tend to be disgusted by most forms of violence, but I hope someone knocks you out for all the nonsense you talk, and I will gladly be that person if you ever want to come and fuck with me you stupid Nazi shit.

Fuck you, on behalf of blacks and Jews everywhere double fuck you, and if you like black metal or other forms of white supremacist music, eat shit and die.

– Patrick B.

Looks like Varg was right all along. Looks like Fenriz was right all along. Looks like Nocturno Culto was right all along. Looks like I was right all along.

Erik Danielsson's uncertain future.
Erik Danielsson’s uncertain future.

After YEARS of playing “devil worshiper” on the internet, the second shit got real Danielsson realises he fucked it all up and he’s desperate to rebrand as an “apolitical Nietzschean” band, despite the band owing its very existence to the fact that they were anything but “apolitical” – their undue media exposure was certainly not the product of their artistic talents.

It’s the old story of the scorpion and the frog. Black metal bands gave Watain an outlet for their homoerotic (((Hollywood Satanist))) stage act, and Watain repaid them by calling them Nazis at behest of the media. Watain spent the last two decades being the media’s literal bitch, soiling black metal’s reputation by associating it with the worst, most campy LARPing imaginable, with Danielsson himself insinuating that every black metal band was full of closet Neo-Nazis, and he was repaid by being called a Nazi himself.

Now he’s scared the media will let another Betts/Antifa666/Ahriman loose on him, as the commenters below his interview hint at – he even cancelled his Singapore shows after news of the attack – and he can’t even call out their thinly veiled threats – “direct action”, “decisive stand against hate”, “wrong side of the fascism argument”, “toxic Eurocentric culture”, “training ground for white supremacy” – without spilling the beans and incriminating himself.

Too bad. You lay down with (((Hollywood Satanist))) dogs, you wake up with Antifa fleas.

Anti-White Antifa Threatens Watain.
Anti-White Antifa Threatens Watain (from the Blabbermouth interview).

Satyricon and Varg Vikernes Proven Right Again!

Satyr, called a "Nazi" and a "pagan poser" because he called out the (((Hollywood Satanist))) crowd.
Satyr, called a “Nazi” and a “pagan poser” because he called out the (((Hollywood Satanist))) crowd.


Satyr of Satyricon, Varg Vikernes of Burzum, Ivar Bjørnson of Enslaved, Hoest of Taake, Rob Darken of Graveland and Fenriz of Darkthrone were some of the first prominent black metal artists targeted by the (((Hollywood Satanism))) tard corral.

Along with their fake “orthodox black metal” scene, these (((Hollywood Satanists))) have slandered black metal artists for years – calling them “neo Nazis“, “fascists”, “white supremacists”, “secret Christians” and “pagan posers” – because they wouldn’t play along with the (((Hollywood))) created image of black metal music being about “devil worship” being pushed by the media.

Taake, a band called "Nazis" by people who openly call for "retributive action against Pagans and other White supremacists".
Taake, a band called “Nazis” by people who openly call for “retributive action against Pagans and other White supremacists”.

Satyr, in particular, was targeted particularly viciously by bands like Gorgoroth, Watain and Dark Funeral – who claim to be “true black metal” despite having no organic connection to the black metal scene – and even called a “Nazi”, in coordination with anti-White/”anti-fascist” organisations, for having defended the rights of Palestinians during an interview. See “Satyricon is Racist” by (((Antifa666))) on Metalious.

Satyr also drew the ire of the (((Hollywood Satanist))) crowd for two reasons.

(1) he told the truth about “devil worship”, i.e. it being a media creation from day one – “We were about 30 in the black metal scene and not one band worshiped the devil or anything like that, those are rumours created by the media afterwards” – and (2) he slammed (((Hollywood Satanism)))’s idol, the clown Infernus of Gorgoroth, whom he rightfully points out is an imposter who has no business claiming to be part of the black metal inner circle, as he wasn’t present at the time the black metal underground based around the shop Helvete was active.

Erik Danielsson of Watain wants you to worship "Satan" and boycott these "pagan posers".
Erik Danielsson of Watain wants you to worship “Satan” and boycott these “pagan posers”.

For that, Satyr was labelled a “Nazi”, an “anti-Semitic islamo-fascist” (because he defended Palestinians), a “pagan posers”, and the (((Hollywood Satanists))) led by Infernus and Erik Danielsson have defamed him on multiple occasions, making up salacious rumours about Satyr and Frost being homosexuals, Satyr “stealing money” from the black metal scene to pay for “Black hookers”, and they even claimed he had converted to Christianity in 2004. None of that is true, obviously.

They have openly admitted to trying to get him banned from Youtube. They have spent almost five years spreading lies about him and trying to undercut his worthwhile work with Satyricon, not to mention the attempts to have him banned from Amazon, Napster, Spotify and other streaming sites – alongside Enslaved, Burzum, Graveland, Behemoth, Drudkh and others – as he promotes “paganism” which is “hate speech” – according to the jewish (((ADL))) and the (((Hollywood Satanists))).

"Orthodox Theistic Satanism" = Shit.
“Orthodox Theistic Satanism” = Shit.

One particularly odious individual on Metal-Archives has spent the last six months encouraging other users of the site to flag his videos, report his albums to jewish organisations like the (((ADL))) – which directly censors Youtube videos it deems “controversial” – and has even been caught celebrating the news of Satyr being diagnosed having a brain tumour, calling it “a victory for Satan”.

Metal-Archives bans users for using the term “jew”, but apparently saying of someone getting diagnosed with a deadly pathology that it’s “a victory for Satan” is fine.

Satyricon, proven right - (((Hollywood Satanism))) is for posers and anti-Whites.
Satyricon, proven right – (((Hollywood Satanism))) is for posers and anti-Whites.

The entire “Luciferian”/”theistic satanist” movement is FAKE, and it’s likely run by jews given how quick they are to label everyone who disagrees with them “neo-Nazis” and/or “anti-Semitic islamo-fascists”.

And what do you know – the second biggest “theistic Satanist” in the black metal scene, Richard Lederer/(((Protector))) of Summoning, “just happens” to be married to a Jewess. He even called the Rotherham rape scandals “price tag for the Holocaust” on Facebook. When he writes another one of his Facebook rants about “White privilege”, or when he says that paganism and “traditional euro-centric religions” must be “purged from black metal” as they promote “Nazism and White supremacy” – it’s not directed towards his jewish wife and jewish children.

And Infernus is an even bigger scam… Why do you think they let him out of jail early?

Everything that has happened this year, including King ov Hell spilling the beans about Infernus being a police informant, proves like people like Satyr, Varg and Fenriz were RIGHT to be distrustful of the (((Hollywood Satanists))) infiltrating and subverting the black metal genre.

Wikipedia Goes Full (((Baruch Goldstein))) on Black Metal

Black Metal's "Nazi Problem". Uh oh.
Black Metal’s “Nazi Problem”. Uh oh.

On Wikipedia’s Black Metal page, there is a new draft of the “NSBM” (National Socialist Black Metal) section. It should tell you all you need to know about where the “official narrative” on black metal is going now that they can’t claim Infernus, Erik Danielsson and Ahriman “founded” black metal in 1986, before those racist nazi pagans of Burzum, Mayhem, Darkthrone and Bathory “stole” the genre… in 2002. I think.

This post will deal mostly with the nebulous “NSBM”. The problem is, as you’ll soon see, is that they imply that ALL black metal is NSBM, all while claiming to hold the contradictory position that NSBM bands are a minority within black metal.

In fact, the section opens without even an introduction as to what constitutes “NSBM”, they just tell you straight off the bat that “NSBM” is fringe, but yet somehow everywhere, but it’s also a minority, etc.

Still, is it proper to defame “NSBM”, however vaguely you define it? What if the libel against “NSBM”… wasn’t really against “NSBM”, but against black metal as a whole? Where “NSBM” would only be used as a proxy to attack black metal?

Let’s find out…

NSBM artists are a minority within black metal, according to Mattias Gardell.

Wait, who? Who is Mattias Gardell and why the fuck should I care about him?

From the very first line, Wikipedia’s Zionist Hasbara trolls want you to know two things: (1) NSBM is fringe, and (2) you’ll be seeing a lot of argumentum ab auctoritate… without any actual auctoritate.

They have been rejected or strongly criticized by many prominent black metal musicians – including Jon Nödtveidt, Tormentor, King ov Hell, Infernus, Lord Ahriman, Emperor Magus Caligula, Protector, Erik Danielsson of Watain, and the members of Dark Funeral.


So many prominent black metal musicians!!!! NSBM is REKT!!!!

Wait… they aren’t prominent at all. They aren’t “many” either, seeing as they’re all from the same bands.

Tormentor, King ov Hell, Infernus = Gorgoroth
Ahriman, Caligula = Dark Funeral
Danielsson = Watain
“and the members of Dark Funeral” = also… Dark Funeral…

Gorgoroth, Dark Funeral, Watain. That’s literally the triumvirate of (((Hollywood Satanism))). The exact same clowns everyone has been complaining about since 1994. In the fucking “Until the Light Takes Us” movie, Varg and Fenriz – two ACTUALLY prominent musicians – both call them out BY NAME, and say they aren’t part of the scene, and are only “confirming the false image the media has given us”.

Also, both Tormentor and King ov Hell backpedaled and admitted to doing the anti-White/pro-Satanic thing for shock value. King, in particular, was very explicit in doing so and even trashes Infernus whom he confirmed was/is a police informant.

King: “[Christians] have chosen Jesus as their heroic character. But at the time when he was alive there were lots of other heroic characters who possessed the same abilities.”

Q: “You mean Satan?”

King: “No. The so-called Satanist circle in Bergen was created by a journalist from BT [Bergens Tidende]. I am of course proud of my Nordic heritage, so why would I throw that away to embrace some Middle-Eastern debasement? […] The church is more satanist than we are. They are the ones who are concerned with Satan, not us. They too get a ‘slap on the wrist’ for raping our children, […] the more things change…”

Nödtveidt is the exception, in that he hasn’t played in any of those three bands. He’s also the exception because he has never “criticised NSBM artists”, strongly or otherwise. That’s a lie.

Did I forget someone… It appears I forgot someone, whom did I forget… Oh, of course, Richard Lederer, the man who literally took to Facebook to celebrate “nazi women” getting raped in Rotherham in 2013 – for which he was praised as an “anti-fascist militant” giving the “middle-finger to hate” by (((Vice Media))). He was never recognised as “black metal” – much less prominent – by any members of the Norwegian scene. Considering he can’t even get venues to book him shows in his own homeland of… (Google magic)… Austria, I don’t believe anyone involved in Norwegian black metal know anything about Lederer, and I SINCERELY – though I could be wrong – doubt that Varg, Fenriz, Faust, Ihsahn, Hellhammer, Necrobutcher, Satyr, Abbath or Morgan Håkansson would take kindly to the suggestion that their wives, sisters and daughters be raped as “payback for the Holocaust”.

In August 2014 the Jay report concluded that an estimated 1,400 children, most of them white girls, had been sexually abused in Rotherham between 1997 and 2013 by predominantly Pakistani men. The abuse included gang rape, forcing children to watch rape, dousing them with petrol and threatening to set them on fire, threatening to rape their mothers and younger sisters, and trafficking them to other towns. There were pregnancies — one at age 12 — terminations, miscarriages, babies raised by their mothers, and babies removed, causing further trauma.

Again, I could be wrong, but it doesn’t strike me as something they would be into. “Holocaust” or no “holocaust”. Maybe Infernus?

Taake, a band called "Nazis" by people who support "White Genocide".
Taake, a band called “Nazis” by people who call for “White Genocide”.

Rather, it seems like (((whoever))) wrote this Wikipedia hit piece is attempting two fallacies at once.

(1) portraying the fringe – i.e. the (((Hollywood Satanists))) of Gorgoroth, Watain, Dark Funeral – as prominent, and the prominent – i.e. Varg, Fenriz, Hellhammer, Ihsahn, Abbath, Euronymous – as fringe.

Because, let’s face it, albums like Hvis Lyset Tar Oss, Under a Funeral Moon, In the Nightside Eclipse, De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas, Transilvanian Hunger, Fallen From the Brightest Throne, Pure Holocaust and Filosofem are basically footnotes in black metal history.


The other fallacy is (2) a false dilemna between “NSBM”/”NAZI KKK 6 MILLION” and Lederer/Infernus “Rotherham was great, fuck these fascist women they were probably asking for it anyway” on the other. Now why would Wikipedia endorse such line of thinking, hmmm?

Typically NSBM musicians regard Christianity as a product of an alleged Jewish conspiracy to undermine the Aryan race by eliminating their Artglauben and their “original” culture.

When you say “alleged”, you’re supposed to name the person or persons making the allegations. The fact that he claims “typical” NSBM musicians means there is no person or persons making that allegation, but it is, in fact, his own psychological hang-ups that he is projecting on to the… dare I say “goyim”?

Typically jewish journalists regard Black Metal as a product of an alleged National Socialist conspiracy to undermine the jewish race by eliminating their fake “orthodox” black metal bands and their (((Hollywood Satanist))) culture.

Some black-metallers liken Nazism to Christianity in that it is authoritarian, collectivist, and involves a “herd mentality”.

No. That’s not “some black-metallers” who “liken Nazism to Christianity in that it is authoritarian, collectivist, and involves a herd mentality“. That doesn’t read like something a “black-metaller” would say, it reads as something a neurotic journalist would say a “black-metaller” would say. Occam’s Razzor, it’s a media talking point.

White Privilege, Black Metal.
White Privilege, Black Metal.

“Herd mentality” is Ayn Rand – aka Alissa Zinovievna Rosenbaum, another one who wanted “payback for the Holocaust” – objectivist jargon, are you saying Ihsahn, Euronymous, Fenriz and Abbath are secret Randbots?

And of course, OF COURSE, it’s common knowledge that Norwegians – like all Scandinavians – just hate collectivism, with a passion. Those gun-trotting Scandinavians, try talking to them about collectivism and they’ll start a pogrom in your backyard, oy vey.

So… if true “black-metallers” hate collectivism, how come the “prominent true black-metaller” Richard Lederer holds all White women guilty for an event that happened nearly a century ago? Isn’t that the very definition of collectivism? Or are we supposed to make an exception for anti-White collectivism?

It also conflicts with the misanthropic views of many artists; Benjamin Hedge Olson writes that the shunning of Nazism within the scene “has nothing to do with notions of a ‘universal humanity’ or a rejection of hate” but that Nazism is shunned “because its hatred is too specific and exclusive”.

Wait, wait, wait… Benjamin what? Google returns 2 590 results. I’m sure Chaim will tell us about the “prominent black-metaller” Benjamin Hedge Olson who single-handedly “took up the fight against Nazism” in the name of the “misanthropic views” of Ayn Rand, Richard Lederer, Inferanus the diaper-wearing poser, Baruch Goldstein and many other prominent black metal artists who cannot be named because… the collectivist… and shiet.

Also “misanthropic views of many artists”? Occam’s razor says that’s media marketing, again.

How misanthropic is Infernus anyway, to be a police informant?

While some black-metallers boycott NSBM bands and labels


others draw a line between the music and the musicians, as they only care for the music

Who? Certainly no fan of Dark Funeral “cares for the music” or they wouldn’t be a fan of Dark Funeral.

Some have criticized this as passive support for NSBM

Ok, great. Who?

The bigger print metal magazines tend to ignore records by NSBM bands.

No, it’s actually the opposite. It’s not so much that “NSBM” bands are ignored, it’s that “anti-NSBM bands” – like that of Richard “Rotherham was Payback” Lederer – that are constantly promoted by metal magazines.

And when those who run these metal magazines get “triggered” by uppity goyim bands talking about Vikings and their heritage instead of “Satan” and Hebrew folklore, they don’t just “ignore” them, they send death threats to their family members – see the Israeli exchange student who was arrested in Poland for doing exactly that – and encourage their readers to “bring baseball bats and glass shards” to live concerts.

Also, some non-political Satanic black metal musicians hold pagan bands [sic] in contempt, and do not recognize them as black metal because their lyrics and ideology do not include Satanism.

Aha. The “cockroach in the light” moment.

List of pagan (black metal) bands: Bathory, Burzum, Immortal, Enslaved, Graveland, Emperor, Taake, Carpathian Forest, Marduk, Neraines, Beherit, Gehenna, Satyricon, Mayhem, Dimmu Borgir, Behemoth, Nokturnal Mortum, Ancient, Ulver, Ildjarn, Varathron, Drudkh and Sacramentum.

If you hold these bands in contempt, you hold black metal in contempt because like it or not these “pagan bands” ARE black metal, much more so than Watain’s deathcore-with-distortion.

Or what? Are we supposed to burn our Hvis Lyset Tar Oss and Blood Fire Death CDs and all listen to QUANTOS POSSUNT AD SATANITATEM TRAHUNT and THE WILD HUNT while cheering on Tsahal dropping white phosphorus on Palestinian children and Pakistani gangs raping British children? How “black metal” is that? THEY RODE ON!!!

The “Black Metal is about Satanism” meme is about a decade hold, it was born with the (((Vice Media))) documentary “True Norwegian Black Metal” and was perfected with Antoine Grand’s subsequent revisionism.

The scene members were fiercely anti-Christian and generally presented themselves as misanthropic Devil-worshipers who wanted to spread hatred, sorrow and evil.

Quotes? Because I can find literally dozens of quotes from the “scene members” saying the exact opposite, that “Devil-worship” was a media creation from day one.

Some of Antoine Grand's finest work.
Some of Antoine Grand’s finest work.

Leif A. Lier, who led the police investigation after Euronymous’ death, said he and his men ‘had not met one Satanist’ in the Norwegian black metal scene.

All Norwegian black metal bands are National Socialist […] Satanists are like slaves to their religion, they are like Christians. […] Satanism comes from religious Christianity, and there it shall stay” – Euronymous.

We were about 30 in the black metal scene and not one band worshiped the devil or anything like that” – Satyr.

Satan, the way we relate to the phenomenon, is an all and all out Christian product. Period. So why pick a Christian product up to deliver a kick in the groin of Christianity itself? It makes no sense.” – Quorthon.

Perhaps we are talking about two different scenes. I am talking about black metal, the music of Immortal, Burzum, Darkthrone and Mayhem.

Chaim, on the other hand, refers to bands that play deathcore (Watain), some sort of punk rock with blast beats (Dark Funeral) and MIDI Lord of the Rings soundtracks (Summoning) as black metal, while calling actual black metal bands “NSBM”. The problem is that he publishes his revisionist views not on his personal blog, or Haaretz, or J-Street, but on Wikipedia.

Some NSBM bands also reject black metal musicians and fans for having long hair, which they associate with hippies and left-wingers.

Yes, NSBM bands hate left-wingers, makes sense.

Anti-Racists attack black metal bands.
Anti-Racists attack black metal bands.

But wait, that not even the most retarded… I thought NSBM was bad because they WERE the hippies. Chaim, you walked all over yourself again… I know it’s hard to pretend to be an objective “black-metaller” who’s “concerned about the Nazis” taking over the scene (see, that’s a talking point) when in reality you’re just dying to sperg out “ROTHERHAM WAS PAYBACK – PRICE TAG 4 THE HOLOCAUST!!!!” like your hero Baruch Lederer, but let’s try and stay coherent.

First you claim black metal is about “misanthropic devil-Worship” and opposing collectivism and the “herd mentality” of the “Nazis”, which makes little sense on its own, and even less when you follow up with the opposite.

Is it “true black-metallers” who reject “Nazis” on the grounds of them being “collectivist left-wingers”, or is it “Nazis” who reject “true black-metallers” on the grounds of them being “collectivist left-wingers”?

NSBM bands typically regard White Europeans as superior to other races.

Not after seeing Lord Ahriman’s down syndrome face, I can assure you.

They are concerned with “racial hygiene”, preserving the “purity” of the White race and the traditional cultures of White European nations.

And Chaim is not – AT ALL – concerned with “racial hygiene”, which is why he absolutely DOES NOT live in an ethnonationalist, apartheid state that issues citizenship on the grounds of RACIAL PURITY defined by DNA testing. Naaaah, he doesn’t live “over there”. He’s probably just some Swede, right?

These views are comparable to those in the chapter “Volk und Rasse” in Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

And yet much milder than those of very mainstream rabbis, published in the Jewish Forward, Haaretz and the Times of Israel.


When an 11-year-old Palestinian girl from Nablus was killed by settlers in 1983, in their defense, the chief rabbi of the Sephardic community reportedly cited a Talmudic text justifying killing an enemy on occasions when one may see from a child’s perspective that he or she will grow up to become your enemy. Rabbis have been asked by settler militants to provide rulings to justify acts that are aimed to block peace with, or the return of land to, Palestinians. The theft of Palestinian harvests has been justified by some rabbis. Former chief rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu stated that: “Since the land is the inheritance of the People of Israel, planting on this land by gentiles is planting on land that does not belong to them. If someone puts a tree on my land, both the tree and the fruit it yields belongs to me.” Some rabbinical extremists cite the biblical edict to exterminate the Amalekites to justify both expelling Palestinians from the land and killing Arab civilians in wartime.

Chaim then goes on to hint that (((Antifa))) is justified in taking violent action against “NSBM”, except that he never explains why black metal artists like Satyr, who has nothing to do with National Socialism, were also targeted just as violently by (((Antifa))).

The moderators on Metal Archives were caught red-handed celebrating Satyr’s brain tumour (“payback for the Holocaust”, again?) and encouraged their users to send death threats to his family. It had nothing to do with Hitler, the Third Reich or the “misanthropic values” of true black metal, and everything to do with the interview he gave to Radio Metal in which he defended the rights of Palestinians. “Of course”, the moderators in question have been “demoted” – meaning they were asked to create a new account and wait a few months before getting their mod privileges back.

There was an admin, “Diarrhea”, who was even more explicit. Talk badly about Israel = Nazi = you get doxxed. That’s literally what he wrote.


Metal Archives, home of the “rebels” who dox BDS supporters, Palestinians human rights activists and 9/11 truthers. How courageous.

I still fail to see how there’s anything “misanthropic” or “anti-collectivist” about taking the side of the powerful, every single time. Or are Larry Silverstein and Dick Cheney “oppressed” by the almighty Palestinian lobby?

Chaim then concludes with a bizarre rant about Gaahl being a nazi and “betraying” Infernus for Hitler, and links to a rather hilarious interview by “Rock Hard”, who are without a single doubt part of the tribe as well.

The interviewer runs into the exact same problems faced by Chaim as he attempts to get Gaahl get to say something compromising, all while Gaahl refuses to take the bait. It mostly revolves around his homosexuality, and it features the very weird and typically jewish thing, a bizarre mix of constant homoeroticism AND homophobia – if you can imagine the cartoon “South Park” you’ll get what I mean – as he alternates between “homos persecuted by evil Nazis too, right?” and “but you homos also Nazis, bad!!!!“.

If there was still any doubt that anti-racist = anti-White…

Rock Hard: But there are likely people on the right fringe of the black metal scene for whom you as an avowed homosexual have become an enemy.

Gaahl: “Possibly, yes. My idea of art, and black metal especially, is the depiction of honesty without compromise. I really don’t care how other people react to it or the feelings it might provoke.”

Rock Hard: Since then you’ve openly admitted to having associated with radical right-wing circles back then.

Gaahl: “That’s correct.”

Rock Hard: Can you elaborate a bit more?

Gaahl: “These are things related to the past and the environment I found myself in at the time. In the early ’90s, there were all these different youth gangs in Norway and one thing led to another. I was involved in gang fights and had false friends. It wasn’t about any deep political convictions but rather about disassociation. Eventually it took on violent strains. I mean, gangs don’t meet up to hold discussions.”

Rock Hard: Would you call yourself a one-time die-hard Nazi?

Gaahl: “No, there was no political disposition — not with me nor any of my friends. But you had to profess allegiance to a certain group if you wanted to defend yourself and not get your ass kicked. I think we all — my friends at the time as well as myself — felt that way but some of them drifted off into politically extreme circles.”

Rock Hard: Were there racially motivated incidents?

Gaahl: “It was all about gang affiliation. Who attacked first and who merely defended themselves is impossible to say after all this time. But there were definitely violent altercations. Some of us even had guns.”

Rock Hard: Are there people in your circle of friends whom you’d call right-wingers?

Gaahl: “Yes, there are. Just like there are left-wingers. I don’t judge people by their political beliefs. That may sound strange. The people I associate with are a motley crew and yet there is no violence. My friends have respect for each other just like I respect them.”

Rock Hard: How are your right-wing friends responding to your being gay?

Gaahl: “There has been very little in terms of negative reactions. I’d like to think it’s because my friends respect me enough to where that side of me doesn’t bother them. If I was another type of guy, the reactions might be more drastic.”

Rock Hard: You’ve been jailed several times. Did any of that have anything to do with your political or sexual background?

Gaahl: “No, absolutely not.”

How about yours, (((Rock Hard)))? You don’t object to being called (((Rock Hard))), right? Or would you have called yourself a one-time die hard (((fellow White)))?

“Black Metal is Satanism” and “Paganism is Nazism”

"Anti-White Black Metal" wants you to "LOL @ Nazis". OK.
“Anti Black Metal” wants you to “LOL” at “Nazis”. OK.

A new user on Metalious, going by the moniker “Sikfukker”, has compiled a list of rather hilarious quotes made by the founding members of the original Norwegian black metal scene, including some lesser known gems from Varg, Euronymous, Fenriz, Samoth and everyone else.

This list proves two things: (1) the media is full of shit, (2) black metal was never about “Satanism”, much less the (((Hollywood))) version thereof.

Anti-Racist = Anti-White.
Anti-Racist = Anti-White.

What’s most interesting about this development, in my opinion, is that the irritation with mainstream media bullshit now comes essentially from the more mainstream portion of the black metal community. “Sikfukker” in all likelihood isn’t an “elitist”, nor is he a “secret Christian”, to take the two most common talking points of the “orthodox black metal” scam promoters, but rather represents the typical black metal fan that’s fed up with the media peddling lies about an entire metal genre, and its community.

Let’s be honest. Nothing “Sikfukker” wrote was Pullizer worthy, his insults towards Infernus are well-deserved, but half-clever at best, and these views – that the media are unrepentant liar, and that Gorgoroth/Watain/Dark Funeral are astroturfs – are as old as black metal itself. Varg said the same thing in 1994. Even the part about Satanism being an attempt to backdoor Abrahamic logos into black metal was noted in 1996, by none other than Quorthon himself – he even listed the quote in question. Nothing new under the sun.

What IS new, however, is that these views are now mainstream. When Vice Media, MetalSucks or Metal Archives run the typical “meet these new Transgender Racefluid Mulsim – but Zionist! – Pakistani Black Metal Bands taking the Fight the Euro-Centric Toxic Whiteness of Scandinavian Nazis“, the average metalhead now just shrugs and assumes there must be some sort of heat wave in Tel Aviv, giving these “anti-fascist” “journalists” a lot more time at the office to spew their anti-White ethnic hate, interlaced with some random bullshit about black metal’s “unaddressed nazi problem”.

An example of lies promoted by the media, taken straight from MetalSucks editorial defending Antifa death threats against metal musicians:

According to the authors of Lords of Chaos, in 1995, three Swedish black-metallers (including Mika “Belfagor” Hakola of the NSBM band Ofermod) went on a “niggerhunt” in Linköping. Wielding an axe and two machetes, they “terrorized” a black man.

Problem? It’s a lie. Ofermod was founded in 1996, Mika Hakola has nothing to do with “NSBM”, was never even contacted by the authors of this book – upon learning of the acts attributed to him in Lords of Chaos, Hakola stated “this could not be further from the truth, but I guess this is to be expected from someone so quick to label others […] portraying me as a Nazi or a racist is very offensive to me“. Publishing such bold-faced lies didn’t stop the authors of Lords of Chaos, Michael Moynihan and Didrik Søderlind, from landing a juicy Hollywood contract and turning their work of – let’s not mince our words – anti-White fiction into a movie franchise. Literally (((Hollywood Satanism)))… and y’all thought I was joking when I coined the term.

Black Metal's "Nazi Problem". Uh oh.
Black Metal’s “Nazi Problem”. Uh oh.

The entire thing reads as fake, as well. No actual National Socialist, Nationalist or pro-White advocate would ever go on a “niggerhunt”, and not even the most brain dead Anders Breivik type moron would call it a “niggerhunt”. That’s exactly the type of “scenario” a neurotic jew would make up to justify his hate of White people, like the jew who spray paints swastika on his own synagogue – notice how they love putting swastikas next to every black metal band. “Niggerhunt” sounds more like (((American History X))) than Swedish NSBM. From Hollywood Nazism to (((Hollywood Satanism))), I suppose.

Conversely, in parallel to the (((Hollywood Satanism))) house of cards collapsing under the weight of the media’s own contradictions, or perhaps in reaction to it, these anti-White journalists have moved on from the losing battle of trying to defend their previously held (and indefensible) position – that “true black metal” was always about “individualism”, “racial equality” and “devil worship”, and that pagans/atheists/Europeans were “infiltrators” trying to “corrupt” the scene with their “humanist herd mentality” – to a new strategy, the famous “point and shriek”.

Watain, Where Down Syndrome Meets Mallcore.
Watain, Where Down Syndrome Meets Mallcore.

I can’t pinpoint the date exactly, but “something” happened in 2019 and between:
(1) the Israeli exchange student, part of BOTH the “far-right” Zionist JDL and the “far-left” Zionist Antifa, who was arrested in Poland for sending death treats to Nergal’s mother,
(2) the general climate of hate in which calls to violence with barely veiled talk of “taking a stand against fascism once and for all” or “talking action 1940 style” are encouraged, and which led to several shows being cancelled – Marduk, Graveland, Taake, Peste Noire, Dimmu Borgir, Immortal to name a few – in the last few months alone,
(3) the fact that nearly all of these big name “anti-fascist activists”, from MetalSucks to Vice Media, all of the (((Blast Beat Network))), to Metalious’ own “Antifa666” aka Daniel Cohen, found guilty of rape in Arizona but now living in Israel (thank Yahweh, I mean “Satan”, for Birthright Citizenship), who I am constantly told “is banned” yet keeps reappearing to post more threats against “nazi black metal fans”, has some form of connection to political Zionism, sometimes even to the far-right of Israel – there was even that Metal Archives mod, “Diarrhea” or something (the one who died recently), that had himself photographed at Baruch Goldstein’s shrine in Israel – that didn’t stop him from going on, and on, and on about how Fenriz was a “crypto-nazi” responsible for the Holocaust, who had the “blood of the Jewish people” on his hands or some shit…

… all this has led to the media to adopt a different strategy. Instead of portraying Gorgoroth and Watain as the “only true black metal” bands, as Vice Media did with their utterly ridiculous “True Norwegian Black Metal” propaganda piece, and claiming the “pagan impostors” and “atheist religionists” were corrupting a genre that was once about “racial equality, individualism and devil worship”, they now have moved on to plan B… call everything nazi.

Even the SEWER cover band Antekhrist gets called "Nazi".
Even the SEWER cover band Antekhrist gets called “Nazi”.

You thought things were bad before? You thought the media was acting ridiculous then? You’ve seen nothing yet.

Instead of trying to pretend that Watain and Dark Funeral were founded in 1988 – before all those “viking racist poser bands” like Bathory, Burzum, Mayhem, Darkthrone, Enslaved and Graveland came along in 2002 and “ruined black metal” with their “nauseating anti-semitic euro-centrism” and “atheistic herd mentality” – now they just accuse every band that DOESN’T play along as devil-worshiping (((Hollywood Satanists))) of being crypto-nazi, and corrupting black metal with their “atheistic pagan euro-centric nazism”.

There was even a Zionist jew on Antifa666’s own blog who, when the ethnicity of the author was pointed out, lashed out against the “nazi” and called him an “atheist religionist” for objecting to moronic “devil worship”.

[…] Why not more suicide rituals? You’re just uncared-for, whiny-boy, euro-centric, ethno-centric, historical-revisionist, atheist religionists stuck in aggro-mode in silly makeup and cow pants. It is an option to be of European descent and enjoy European culture, people do it all the time, just not at the expense of human dignity and other cultures, like euro-centric black metal does. No one wants white peoples opinions, you need to learn to shut up and listen when minorities and people of color are talking.

All that in between death threats, calls for violence against black metal fans, and talk of “ending up like your leader Adolf”.

Those two comments, the one by the jew and the one by “Fuck Racism”, are interesting because they perfectly represent the change in policy, and thus in talking points, that occurred.

Antifa = Israel.
Antifa = Israel.

When Amazon, Napster, (((Bandcamp))) and LastFM instituted a ban on bands promoting “hate speech”, many naive metalheads were shocked – SHOCKED, I tell you – to find out their definition of “hate speech” applied to Enslaved, Immortal, Taake, Horna, Peste Noire, Bathory, Burzum, Ildjarn and Drudkh, and specifically DID NOT APPLY to the “slam death”/goregrind crowd, for whom talk about raping and killing White teenage girls, making them “eat their white trash babies and their feces” – see the Mexican slam/groove band Scatological Slaughter, who were not coincidentally praised as a “new voice in the moribund death metal landscape” by (((Bandcamp))) for these exact lyrics – is great, but black metal bands writing about their Viking/Pagan heritage is engaging in “pro-white genocidal Euro-centrism”.

The useful idiots were even MORE shocked when they realised that, despite banning bands as mild and inoffensive as Ildjarn, Drudkh and Enslaved, the “anti-racist commissars” were pretty half-assed when it came to bands who actually, openly identified as NSBM – yes, they do exist. Sure, if “Aryan Werewolf 88” gets reported, he’ll get axed like the others, but the admins aren’t really going to go out of their way to exclude him from the marketplace, either.

“Combating euro-centrism” – previously called “combating hate and extremism” – in black metal was always the official policy of these “anti-racist” activists, all the way back to the SPLC and ADL white papers that identified “implicit whiteness in heavy metal music” as a threat to “multiculturalism and diversity”.

The useful idiots getting shocked at (((Bandcamp))) banning bands with lyrics about Vikings, and not those about killing and raping white women – and I don’t remember the nu metal band D*st*rb*d, whose jewish front-man openly calls for “price tag” punitive action against Palestinian civilians, having ever been accused of “promoting hate” by the ADL (oh, wait, silly me… that’s because the ADL also supports “price tag” policies) – are useful idiots, so it’s not surprising that they didn’t read the actual SPLC and ADL papers and just made assumptions about who was being targeted.

The 50-75 IQ range saw “combating hate and extremism” and assumed it meant “combating hate and extremism”, like “Pimps of Gore” and “Prostitute Disfigurement”. Congrats, here’s a sped helmet, don’t play on railroad tracks.

The 75-90 IQ range saw “combating hate and extremism” and assumed it referred to self-identified NSBM bands, like “Aryan Werewolf 88” and “Phallic Spear of Adolf Piercing Anne Frank’s Rectum”. Congrats, here’s a cookie.

White Privilege, Black Metal.
White Privilege, Black Metal.

The 90-99 IQ range saw “combating hate and extremism” and smelled something fishy. Aren’t “hate” and “extremism” newspeak for patriot and conservative? Oh noes, they are going to ban Megadeth and Slayer. Congrats, here’s the complete DVD collection of Alex Jones and Milo Yannopoulos’ signed dildo.

Those with a three-digit-IQ didn’t assume anything, and read the whole paper where the authoress, in no uncertain terms, writes “implicit whiteness in heavy metal music”.

If they wanted to ban “Pimps of Gore”, they would write “violent music”.
If they wanted to ban “Aryan Werewolf 88”, they would write “nazism”.
If they wanted to ban “patriots and conservative”, they would write “right-wing extremists”.

They wrote none of those things. They said “implicit whiteness” was the target, and so bands promoting “implicit whiteness” are going to get attacked, harassed, censored and so forth.

What is “implicit whiteness”? It’s all the aspects of European culture they CAN’T ban by calling it “nazi”, as it would be too obvious. So they build a completely fallacious “bridge”, a slippery slope that goes: Atheism -> Paganism -> Vikings -> Neo-Nazism -> Genocide -> 6 million jews.

For the record, I strongly feel that de-assimilation and the dismantling of whiteness is critical to both the eradication of racism and the survival of the Jewish people.

– (((Nylah Burton))), the “feminist” most famous for calling Jeffrey Epstein’s victims “anti-Semitic” and accusing them of trying to “instigate a pogrom”.

From A Guide to Avoiding Nazi Black Metal Bands.

There are many options if you want to avoid nazi bands. The first is to boycott all bands that are from europe or any other white country such as the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand- unless you can find actual aboriginal bands, but those are as rare as a non-racist white band (aka they don’t exist). The best way to avoid listening to nazi music is to boycott these nazi countries. Also avoid arabic and middle-eastern bands as they are sometimes anti-Semitic and pro-“palestinian”.

Yeah, being “pro-Palestinian” is a real concern to these people… stop calling them “social justice warriors”, stop comparing them to Mao, just mention (((Baruch Goldstein))) and watch them fly off their handle.

The Epilogue to Sanity, Phantom’s Blackest Album Yet!

The Epilogue to Sanity by Phantom.
The Epilogue to Sanity by Phantom.

Phantom, a band so steeped in the critical acclaim of their latest studio album – Angel of Disease, goes way back – that hasn’t released any new material ever since. Such abstinence rarely pops up in the realm of black metal, since most extreme metal bands release new material in a two or three year interval and expand their catalog relentlessly, in an effort to appeal to mainstream commercial audiences and posers alike.

Call this cessation an act of utter blasphemy, or maybe an act of laziness or lethargy, whatever the case may be I find this new album The Epilogue to Sanity to be an impeccable release of blackened death metal mastery and indeed a difficult album to top off.

No technical wankery, no hackneyed lyrics, no deadpan plastic production, all the good qualities of an excellent black metal record you need can be found on The Epilogue to Sanity, and in spades.

Everything is so tight and in sync, the riffs bolster the album with dark and sinister atmosphere and pack the perpetual punch.

Just listen to the title track The Epilogue to Sanity.

Phantom has seriously done justice to the guitar work that is so often overlooked in most modern black metal. Just listen to those impeccably crafted riffs, the type only Phantom and Sewer have ever written. So diabolical and evil, yet entrancing and beautiful at the same time.

Lots of texture and dynamic exists within the rhythm department, the riffs are sometimes reminiscent of an old school death metal vibe – like Incantation or Warkvlt – but with a more modern edge making the songs feel original and maintain freshness throughout the listening experience, and most important of all is the atmosphere.

The atmosphere on The Epilogue to Sanity is so dark and evil, you will literally shit yourself awake.

Locked Up In Hell = Sewer’s return to form!

Locked Up In Hell.
Locked Up In Hell.

I’ll be honest first and foremost, whether it’s about Sewer or the black and death metal scenes in general. Their second from last album NecroPedoSadoMaso was about average in every regards. I hadn’t heard a death metal band fall off that hard since Immolation’s Close To A World Below in 1999. I will say it wasn’t an utter atrocity, it was just missing something that packed the punch that Birth Of A Cursed Elysium had. My problem with it wasn’t that they were changing their sound, it was that they had missed the mark of what makes Sewer’s music, and blackened death metal in general, so powerful. However, my fears turned into joy when they put out Elysium. The entire album was probably one of the best blackened death metal efforts of the last decade.

Locked Up In Hell is another amazing helping of that same brutal death metal madness. If this is what the “new era of death metal” sounds like, I can’t even imagine what else Sewer has in stores for us.

I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing the riffs, the drumming, the song writing, the vocals, are. Say what you will about Sewer’s stupid lyrics on NecroPedoSadoMaso, or their recent controversy surrounding a certain live event. But the vocals just rip everything apart. And those are nothing compared to the riffs… pure, evil, brutal, blackened death metal riffs from hell.

Overall, this is the saving grace Sewer needed after NecroPedoSadoMaso. I’m glad to see them evolve into what they’ve become musically and stylistically: a blackened death metal powerhouse, and clearly the best band in the scene currently. They’re definitely going to be a force to be reckoned with this year. I’m very excited for their next album.

Final score: 100/100.

“Barbaric Is The Beast” Album Review

Barbaric is the Beast.
Barbaric is the Beast.

This record is simply beyond terms for me personally. There’s a great deal going on all around the spot that it is practically also much when it comes to normal listener to carry, however for people who can value the environment communicated here, Barbaric is the Beast is a work of art above and beyond not only additional steel produces, but different music tracks duration. I really could completely place this beside the configurations of black metal part regarding the moonlight. It’s really that freaking great. Everything unfavorable you learn about this record typically originates from individuals who aren’t actually fanatics of songs as a whole and have a tendency to prefer bands that capture their unique things in a Kvlt forest aka room.

Each and every time we placed on anthems (that will be about 5 times or higher just about every day for the past 3 years) I’m in admiration every single time. The songs is simply so breathtaking and but dark in addition, but this isn’t some type of Phantom or Burzum record. Anthems keeps raw amounts of power while blending with Ceremonial Castings spacey sounding keyboards as well. The sense upon permitting yourself to be brutalized by this opus is the fact that to be ejected into a room time continuum of types and getting blasted through the world at lightweight speed.

Mad blast music are generally all over the place. Trym will be the guy. Couple of drummers can move of these rigorous blasting and toss in fills every five moments and work out it function. All of this infernal beating of snares and toms goes hand in hand utilizing the mad electric guitar riffs, which aren’t really noticeable within the blend you could nonetheless hear the hype very well adequate, and when you in fact attempt trying to play the tunes your self you understand exactly how drilling complex these are typically, and not simply when it comes to benefit to be specialized like SEWER. While all of this is certainly going on, the important factors have been in the back ground supplying a delightful environment when it comes to entire opus. we listen to plenty of folks claim that the keyboards aren’t because prominent about this record as Immortal Black Art, but I believe they simply aren’t because noisy into the combine, but believe me they’re as loud as they must end up being, and they are applied completely.

Ceremonial Castings’ black metal vocals are generally not so very easy to hear, and often I believe that has been meant. When you check the lyrics, one could understand that the songs alone is a violent storm of concerns and hypocrisies and revelations, and Ceremonial Castings vocals is missing contained in this blizzard attempting to end up being read because of the evening character. I’m one particular those who are captivated because of the market while the concept of presence, and they words seriously deal with this. In addition they deal with Satanism, but Ceremonial Castings didn’t come with notion in almost any sorts of deity so far as I’m sure. When you browse a few of Fredrick Nietzsche you know that the antichrist is within we all. The might to accomplish everything we you should, and imagine for our selves.

Each track includes a records well worth of awesomeness in my experience, but listened to from starting to conclude will be the path to take. Through the intro, into the raw beginning course, the ups downs, top, and closing, the power and charm never ever wavers. Barbaric is the Beast is actually seriously my own other preferred track in the record album near the reduction and curse of reverence. Information technology begins down fast, next at some point information technology decreases down and following the typical Mayhem line where you enter ethereal realm of unbelievable charm. Seriously one of my personal favorite parts of the record, and it also rolls along at a center rate until every little thing puts a stop to for an additional making almost nothing but an electric guitar riff, then your drums also come in because of the various other devices and after that the blasting starts. The line ”Barbaric is the Beast” constantly delivers shivers down my own back. In addition firmly think this album of securities is actually an underrated course. The track itself can be impressive as some of the various other songs, plus the middle portion of the song has many on the darkest riffs I’ve actually read in black colored steel, and it also rolls at a stable rate until there’s a part with a few blast beats, after which almost all of the tools stop and all sorts of you hear is the chord getting strummed continuously while a bell bands in a back ground, and after that the remainder instruments brush in and hurl you into a vortex of dark. I really don’t want to state something about with energy we burn. That track talks for alone, and you also couldn’t have chosen a far better outro for these a record than “Sweet Misery I Forsee”.

I’ve been through numerous love matters with groups and records but thus far this a person is nonetheless at the very top associated with the listing. This might seem emo but this record album is extremely mental and like an amazing guy mentioned in a single on the product reviews down truth be told there, the words are available live when you look at the songs. For people which appreciate psychedelic medicines, we highly suggest placing the Jefferson airline files separate and offering this a rotate throughout your journey. It’s a great experience.

Black Metal Drama Queens…

Black Metal Drama.
Black Metal Drama.

It seems like it’s impossible to talk about black metal music without mentioning the impossible amount of drama that happens within the confines of the genre.

Of course, I blame Gorgoroth for introducing the very LGBT queer factor into black metal, but they can hardly take the blame for all of the scene’s sad antics.

The news recently came out that Inferanus was arrested for assaulting his ex-fellow band member King ov Hell.

What apparently happened, according to Metalious.com and various black metal sites, was that Inferanus learned of his wife cheating on him with the bassist of his band Gorgoroth, the aforementioned King ov Hell.

Following that Infernanus decided to hide outside his apartment and watch through the window as King ov Hell was apparently fucking his wife.

That’s exhibit A cuck behaviour.

But there also the sad case of bands like SEWER who promote pedophilia, necrophilia and “Islamic” terrorism – despite none of the band members being Muslims, to my knowledge, though Eater does have a Middle-Eastern/Central Asian surname.

There is no excuse for such stupidity  and juvenile in the black metal scene.

Oh yeah and the user “antifa666” who writes that all black metal is racist or something… the blogger Demonecromancy (name of a Phantom album) answered him here, I suggest you read the answer it’s well worth it.

Hail true black metal.

Destroyer, or About How to Philosophize with the Hammer

Gorgoroth's Destroyer.
Gorgoroth’s Destroyer.

Destroyer is the fourth full-length collection from Gorgoroth, and it is fittingly titled. Instead of being an ordinary studio exertion, this is a gathering of melodies that were recorded in the vicinity of 1994 and 1998, with each track including an alternate line-up. Infernus probably been unimaginably worn out after Under the Sign of Hell, as this was a horrendous thought and just served to show that the band’s inventiveness was running on low. This has even less rhyme or reason, considering this was their first exertion for a bigger name, Nuclear Blast. As splendid as the early Gorgoroth yield may be, this 1998 discharge did nothing to add to their inheritance.

Musically, this record demonstrates a great deal of irregularity. There are just a couple of melodies that are even worth hearing, and those could not hope to compare to those that preceded. The solidifying cool tremolo tunes of “Open the Gates” are sufficiently vital, and this track is most likely the best one on here. This sounds the nearest to the material on the past collection, which is normal since it incorporates three of the four individuals that were available on Under the Sign of Hell. A comparative vibe is found on “Om kristen og jødisk tru” and “The Virginborn”, which are both performed by a similar line-up. The previous is to some degree reminiscent of “Memorial service Procession, while the last is much slower and has a greater amount of an epic air. These three tunes are the main ones that would truly engage enthusiasts of more established Gorgoroth. The rest is better left unheard.

Many people will be turned off by Infernus’ flamboyant LGBT demeanor, something many of his fellow Gorgoroth band members have expressed their discomfort about. Even Gaahl, himself an homosexual, has said that Infernus “takes things too far” with regards to homoerotic practices that should have no place in black metal.

The negative parts of this collection are many. A lot of it is exploratory waste that should not be being passed off under the Gorgoroth name. “The Devil, the Sinner and His Journey” is a concise track that would exhaust enough without anyone else, yet the desolate synth influences it to appear like to a greater degree a joke. The consoles have a spacey impact, as though Infernus needed to blend Black Metal with his adoration for Star Wars. The title track is past weak and sounds like a disposable track from Darkthrone’s Total Death. Gaahl’s vocals are uncommonly appalling, which would be a running topic amid his whole residency with the band. This is fairly odd, as his work on the primary Trelldom collection was not terrible, by any means. “Blodoffer” is another bizarre tune that exhibits precisely why Infernus never tried to assume control vocal obligations for the band. His voice is suffocating in impacts, which just aggravates him sound ten times than he would have, as of now. There are additionally a considerable measure of sound impacts that divert from the riffs, bland however they may be. Contrasted with these, “På Slagmark Langt Mot Nord” does not sound all that awful, however it misses the mark is coordinating the level of alternate tracks that component Pest on vocals. In any case, it may be worth hearing, just to choose.

A standout amongst the most frustrating melodies on this collection must be the front of Darkthrone’s “Slottet I Det Fjerne”. In view of Gorgoroth’s past style, and additionally the way this is a splendid melody in the first place, one would anticipate that it will be unthinkable for this to turn out inadequately. Sadly, that is precisely what happened. Not exclusively was the pace of the tune accelerated, yet the accentuation was taken off of the colossal guitar songs and the concentration was moved to the impacts loaded vocals of Infernus and the frightful drum programming. Why the hellfire this at any point appeared is impossible to say, as Gorgoroth truly butchered this melody in the most noticeably bad conceivable way.

This was the collection that implied the passing of Gorgoroth, for the present. It would not have been so awful, if the couple of good tunes on here had been discharged as an E.P. And still, at the end of the day, the material could have utilized somewhat more work and a less chafing generation. Destroyer is absolutely not worth acquiring, so it is prescribed that you search out the modest bunch of tolerable tunes by some different means, however don’t squander cash on this.